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Sep 16, 2007 09:25 AM

Savannah/Tybee Island Dining

We will be visiting Savannah and Tybee Island in about two weeks and are looking for tips on restaurants we 'must not miss'. Note that we are not interested in upscale $$$ restaurants or tourist traps (unless the food warrants it), but good food prepared right.

Some of what we are interested in would be great southern meals, but we are also ISO 'THE RESTAURANT' we should visit for fresh local seafood. Also would like to know a favorite southern breakfast place in Savannah.

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  1. Go to Stingray's. The fried Grouper plate is great. AJ's is very good but kind of pricey. North Beach Grill is the place for a very casual lunch or dinner. The crabcakes and jerk chicken are great. My favorite is the fried Plantains. The breakfast club is great but you have to get there very early or you will have to stand in line. The Crab Shack is the "most popular" you get lots of food. All of it is steamed. I like the steamed oysters and the low counry boil. It is a mostly outdoor restaurant so bring the bugspray. Cafe Loco has vey good wings Dewy's Fishouse is also very good. The Outback Cafe is the "local" place to eat. It is very good. Georges is the most upscale, pricey and the best on the island. If you want to boil your own shrimp, the Tybee IGA market has the best shrimp and their steaks are very good.

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      Thanks for your reply, I was beginning to think this was a comment board and not one to get answers to questions! I have seen Stingray when surfing, but wasn't sure about freshness/quality. Being a South Florida native I live on fresh seafood, but my sister from middle Tennessee is in dire want and need of some good fresh fish.

      Another source mentioned the Seafood Grille in Savannah (actually called Pearl's). Looks good, have you ever eaten there?

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        Stingrays is very good and very affordable. My choices for Tybee best would have to include Sundae Cafe and Hunter House both much better than George's on Tybee. You really need to find the Outback Cafe, it's attached to chevron station on the left @ your first light when you hit the island, great local's only joint. In-town: BonnaBella Yacht Club, don't let the name fool ya; everything is on paper or in baskets. They do oyster roasts on sundays in season, and have the best view of the marshes for all Savannah. If you are goin into town try to catch the Starland Dairy Farmers Market on the weekends.

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          STAY AWAY FROM PEARLS!!!! It's awful

          1. re: Tomatokid

            Ditto on Outback (in no way, shape or form like the chain of the same name). Wonderful and plentiful fried seafood. You will need a walk afterwards.

      2. The best place for good food on Tybee is Dewey's Dockside! Fresh Georgia Shrimp--often right off the shrimp boats at the dock. Outdoor bar, indoor bar, tacky buildings, but great food, nice variety, reasonable prices and super people! To find Dewey's, turn right immediately after crossing the Lazaretto Creek Bridge and follow the signs. Yummmmm. Also, Trivia will start on Wednesday nights in October. A Blast to be had by all.

        1. Not far off the beaten path is a wonderful restaurant named The New South Cafe - offering fresh, southern food with a flair! Excellent. Located Near Skidaway and Victory Drive (1 block north on Skidaway from there), it is not far from downtown and it is on the way to Tybee. The food is fantastic, service is great and the atmosphere is as cute as can be, check it out for lunch and/or dinner. Of course dinner is more upscale than lunch, but casual dress is fine. check it out at for more info - you won't be dissapointed!