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Sep 16, 2007 08:57 AM

French In Philly?

Can anyone recommend a French restaurant in Philly other than Bec Fin or Le Bar? I'll be in town for a weekend and need someplace to go on Sunday evening for a romantic dinner (Bec & Bar are closed Sundays). If there is no other French, any reco for a nice place for dinner (preferrably not Asian)? Local favorites? Have car and will travel. Thanks!

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  1. It depends what your definition of romantic is, but two French bistros (same owners) may fit the bill. They are more casual than the resturants you mentioned.

    Caribou Cafe -
    Zinc Bar -

    Both are in the vicinity of 11th and Walnut -- no car needed. Their websites list their menus. I'd call or walk by Zinc, as it's brand new and I'm not sure about their hours.

    1. I am assuming that you already tried Vetri and that it was closed on Sunday, right?
      Many people think it is one of the finest restaurants in Philly.
      I would also recommend two of my favorites: Bliss and Estia both on or right next to Broad Street bet. Locust and Walnut.

      1. Lacroix in the Rittenhouse Hotel is excellent. We have been there a few times for special occasions, and have always enjoyed it. It's a lovely place.