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Sep 16, 2007 08:42 AM

The Grove

Hi everyone,

Will be visiting LA in Oct., and staying near the Farmer's Market. Heard about the Grove,
that it has a few restaurants there. Any suggestions which ones I should try?

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  1. I prefer the Farmer's Market attached to it. More variety and better pricing. You'll find a lot of postings if you conduct a search on that. Grove is perfect for chain options mostly, IMHO.

    1. I would avoid the Grove and go to the Farmer's Market. Personal favorites are Loteria, Moishe's (even though their prices keep going up) and the Banana Leaf.

      The Farmer's Market is one of the best places in LA to eat and people watch. It's become a lot more crowded since the Grove opened, but it is still a great place.

      1. The Grove is not a destination.

        In the FM, I also like Loteria. Monsieur Marcel. Malaysian place for salads. Ulysses Voyage for mezze platter. Brazilian place too.

        You're so close to so many other places, so if you give an idea of what kind of food you're looking for and price range, we can probably help you out further...

        to name a few...
        Ethiopian on Fairfax (Meals by Genet, Rahel)
        Joan's on 3rd

        1. It's true. The Grove is fine for shopping, but it's not a culinary destination, at least not with all the great restaurants on nearby 3rd Street and Beverly Blvd and the great casual/eclectic dining at the Farmers Market.

          That said, if you are eating at the Grove, Farm Beverly Hills is not a bad mid-range choice. And there's a little hidden place called the Whisper Lounge which is great for cocktails and appetizers. You'd never know you were in a mall.

          There's also TART across the street at the Farmer's Daughter Motel.

          But if you were gonna spend the money on one of the nicer places there, you might as well venture out into a one-mile radius of The Grove where you'll really get your money's worth.

          Angelini Osteria

          To name a few.

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          1. re: wutzizname

            Yay for Chameau! This is definitely what I'd recommend as the best restaurant in relation to proximity to The Grove. I also really enjoy Cobras & Matadors on Beverly. And let's not forget that Lucques isn't too far away, either.

            I haven't gotten to Tasca, just down Third at Crescent Heights, but I want to. It looks great, and it's right near The Grove, too, as is Pastis, another I've-been-meaning-to-get-there place.

            I just don't really like The Farmer's Market anymore. It was awesome before The Grove opened up, and it had a relaxed vibe and nice old-fashioned places to eat. Now it's the pedestrian version of the 405 on a Monday rush hour, and the restaurants tend towards the overpriced, trendy, and soulless. (Loteria, I'm looking squarely at you.) Hell, it has a Starbucks and a Pinkberry in it now. Let's face it, folks: The Farmer's Market is no longer The Farmer's Market - it's now just the food court for The Grove.

            1. re: Woolsey

              Cobras, Luques and Tasca make my list too. And I think Pastis is terribly underrated. The food is consistently decent but the great service, low key attitude and very reasonable prices make it a little neighborhood gem.

          2. What everyone else said -- the Grove has basically the same package of restaurants you'd find in an upscale mall in Texas.

            The Farmer's Market has a lot of great options for lunch or solo dinner, but the trappings aren't really nice enough to have a good "dinner out" at.

            I'd add Dolce to the list of places nearby people have suggested. Some claim it's overrated and overpriced but I had great food and a great experience there.