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Sep 16, 2007 08:41 AM

5th Avenue Brooklyn Mexican

A few weeks back I was driving down Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue from like 57th to 23rd Streets and saw a number of promising looking Mexican restaurants. Does anyone know which are the ones to try (and which to avoid)?

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  1. Stuff that's gotten good coverage online: Tacos Nuevo Mexico, Tacos Matamoros, Taco Mix, Ricos Tacos y Antojitos, El Palenque

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      1. re: TBird

        There is at least one other Tacos Nuevo Mexico further south on 5th ave as well, which is what i think Luther is talking about.

          1. re: TBird

            I believe it's like TNM1, 2 and 3. Not sure exactly. I've seen the others but the only one I've actually been to is the one on 12th you mentioned. And I think it rocks. Though besides tacos i'm never quite sure what to get. there was a good discussion about the place a few weeks back, which i'll dig up before i go again.

            1. re: HankyT

              the bar can be a nice find too. one sunday, they were pouring don julio 1942(usually a $100+ bottle of sipping tequila) with orange soda for $7! i ordered lots of them, sans the soda.... :-)

              1. re: TBird

                Mixed? That's a new one on me.
                I'll have to check that out.

            2. re: TBird

              i think they're owned by the same folks. i've only been to the sunset park location, and it was great. vegetarian tacos and mango shake were an excellent lunch. i've heard the slope location is a little bit more expensive.

        1. re: Luther

          I've had good meals at Matamoros. Cons-they don't speak english and it's freezing in there and the tacos are TINY. Pros-the tacos are ONE DOLLAR EACH, and pretty tasty. I've only had Carnitas and Pastor and found them pretty good.