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Sep 16, 2007 08:21 AM

Seattle sushi: Saito vs. Umi

Everyone has been a great in helping me plan for my upcoming trip. Most everything is decided except this sushi dilemna. Both of these places have been highly recommended. It is unlikely that we will do both. So Hounds, please help me out one more do these two measure up against each other?

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  1. Saito is very traditional, Umi tends to have more variety of sushi (and cold sake) and does better with cooked dishes than Saito imo, has a more loungey atmosphere and menu. I would choose Nishino over either of these if you can only go to one place.

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        Here is one recent thread
        Nishino is more creative fusion style (he is an alumnus of the Nobu restaurants)
        if you haven't tried any of the Nobu restaurants (closest to Virginia would probably be the 3 Nobu restaurants in NYC) this is a chance to get a taste of them, try both their sushi (seared o-toro especially, which you might not find at Saito or Umi on any given day) and their less traditional dishes ("new style" seared sashimi, 1/2 portion of sashimi salad, black cod kasuzuke, etc).
        PS did you ever line up a Saturday place in Woodinville area? If price is no object, there's always Herbfarm (reserve asap, 1 seating only). Hopefully chef Traunfeld will still be at the helm.

        1. re: barleywino

          I completely echo wino! I would pick Saito's over Umi if you are after sushi, but Umi if you are after a hot dish. I like Nishino's better than either.

          Wino and I must be twins.

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            I have not tried any of the Nobu restaurants and it does sound very appealling and something not readily available in my neck of the woods.

            I think we will come back to Seattle for dinner on Saturday after the wineries. I am looking at Union and then going to the Triple Door for entertainment afterwords.