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Sep 16, 2007 07:28 AM

Restaurants and Bars in the Distillery District

Am i the only one in wondering why the restaurants and bars in the Distillery district are so few and so lacking.

Last night with a couple and the better half and we ventured down to the D district for a drink and perhaps snacks. We discovered that Archeo and The Boiler House were closed, consequently that Mill St Brewery was full as was Tappo. In the end we went to Pure Spirits. We have eaten at Mill St Brewery, Tappo and Pure Spirits and were pretty disappointed with all three. Archeo is ok but never open and the Boiler House seems to be more of a corporate location than one available to the general public.

The D district is a great space but sooo lacks good restaurants open the the public.

Any views?

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  1. Had dinner at Tappo last night. The place was full, and with good reason--it was excellent! The service, the food, the atmosphere were all fantastic. I had the grilled calamari appetizer, and the pasta alla caramella. Both were outstanding. The wine list was good, too.

    1. Agree with you with the exception of Perigee. My fav restaurant in Toronto.