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Sep 16, 2007 07:05 AM

Napa this weekend 9/21 - 9/23

Going to Napa this weekend, arrive Friday at 2 pm, leave Sunday at 2 pm.

Please advise on how my itinerary looks and if you would do anything in the time slots I have free

Friday 3 pm - pick up at hotel by Chauffer

4 pm - MUMM tasting (Schramsberg booked on Friday, private event on Saturday)

After Mumm, possibly go to Milat or Consentino (both require no reservation for tasting).

6:45 pm - Redd for dinner (Terra was booked).


10 am - Joseph Phelps winery tour and tasting

12:00 - Taylors Refresher for lunch

2 pm - Duckhorn estate tour and tasting

7 pm - Mustards Grill dinner


10 am - Terra Valentine tour and tasting

2 pm - depart

Other wineries I would like to see include Honig, I plan on stopping at Oakville Grocery also.

Let me know if there are other smaller wineries that are less commercialized that don't require an appt for tasting.

Thank you.

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  1. I'm adding Frank Family and Paloma to my itinerary. Thanks.

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      1. Seems like a plan. Lunch on Sunday is open. You can go more casual and do Dean and Deluca or Oakville. Since you'll be in St. Helena at Terra Valentine, I'd go beyond that and stop in Yountville for Bouchon or Bistro Jeanty. Or head into Napa and do Angele. All on Sunday are a good choice.

        1. Based on CH research, I recently visited Robert Sinskey Vineyards (Silverado Trail just south of Yountville crossroad). Nice wines, pretty place with garden and patio with tables overlooking beautiful Napa Valley. Told myself that next time I have to see if I can take some yummy Oakville sandwiches & eat there with their wine. In my book, that would beat any fancy restaurant lunch hands down! Have fun!

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            I went to Robert Sinskey too, and liked it a lot. I also really enjoyed the tasting at Elyse winery in Yountville -- great wine, and really friendly people.

          2. I think you could do better than Mustard's Grill, IMHO. I suggest Bistro Don Giovanni or Martini House or Tra Vigne. If you're open to French food, Bistro Jeanty in Yountville is also a nice choice. I've also heard very good things about Celadon in Napa, but haven't tried it personally.

            Also, but if you're leaving from SF, I suggest allowing yourself more time to get to Mumm's.

            1. We go to Napa every year and it has become a tradition to go to Del Dotto Winery. It is a boutique winery, the tastings are done by the barrel in the caves and then in the formal room. The only way to sample their wines is by the tour, then if you like a barrel they will hand bottle and ship directly to you or if you like a blend of barrels they are available for sale. It is an absolute blast, occasionally you will run into the owner and he will drink with you. Also for dinner choices, we loved Press, next to Dean and Deluca, we always got to Mustards for lunch. Schramsberg was wonderful, great history and beautiful grounds. Have a great time. I can't wait for our trip

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              1. re: mcastle

                I love the Napa Valley. We visit every year and try to slip in side trips whne works takes us to the west coast. I think Mustard's is absolutely great. Beats Don Giovanni hands down. Tra Vigne is not the best and gets extemely mixed reviews. A great dinner place is Ad Hoc Keller's answer to comfort food. Limited menu, so if you are pickey it might not suit your needs.

                I am also a Sinskey fan. Great little place with the nicest people. Average wine, but they have a different approach. Vincent Arroyo in Calistoga is a wonderful place to do barrel tasting. I also second Elyse. Stag's leap is a great place to stop, but you need a reservation.

                The oakville grocery is the best place for picnic fair. Skip Dean and Deluca, it is god, but a chain located in other cities.

                I had mixed feelings about Redd. I liked some dishes and not others. I think the testing menu is your best bet if you are willing to splurge.

                1. re: Annapolis07

                  I guess I should give Mustard's another try. I've had some fabulous, mostly good, meals at Bistro Don Giovanni, including one of the best risottos ever. However, it's easily been a year since I've eaten there. I'm from Napa, but now live in SF. It's hard to keep up with current dining when you get out to Napa only a few times a year. On the other hand, the Napa locals don't typically go out to the high end restaurants all that often. My aunt is an exception as she lives in Calistoga and, in addition to being a total foodie, has to take her clients out to dinner all the time. Her new favorite restaurant is Farm at Carneros Inn.