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Sep 16, 2007 05:26 AM

New Indian Chinese in Jackson Heights?

So while walking down 72nd on my way to Chilli Chicken, I noticed a new(?) Indian Chinese place called "Talk of the Town." I had walked by during the day and it was always shuttered, but it looked somewhat bustling. Has anyone tried it?

It was my first time at Chilli Chicken, and while I prefer some of Tangra's versions a bit better, it was pretty good. When we came it at about 8, the place was empty, but it filled up quickly, and the service was actually okay for a JH restaurant. Our favorite dishes were the chili paneer and an eggplant dish, the chili chicken was also pretty good, but a touch oily for my taste. I'm used to the lollipop chicken at Tangra (which basically consists of some chicken taken off the bone, mixed with some spicy potato mixture, backed back around a little drumstick, fried and served with sauce -- yum!). This one was okay, just chicken, coated in a somewhat sticky sauce. Anything else really good at Chilli Chicken?

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  1. talk of the town has actually been there for more than a year -- i went for the first time last summer, and have been a few times since. it's good. one of its chief calling cards is a deeply discounted lunch (a time at which it's anything but bustling), but they do the standards pretty well. i'd recommend trying some of the "dry" preps and avoiding the "manchurian" ones, which tend towards gloppiness.

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      It's been there quite a bit more than a year -- . I still haven't tried it. I'll have to check out their dry chilli chicken. I need to check out Chilli Chicken, too!

    2. just wanted to mention a place, not in JH but in elmhurst, had a great meal there (takeout) and its up the block from Tangra Masala, Chopstick. My review is below:

      The lollipop chicken you describe from tangra sounds pretty nutty; never had it where they actualy remove the bone or stuff anything, usually just cut and pushed up along the bone; the version at chopsticks is quite good since they saute the drumsticks again after frying in sauce.

      oh and as a general rule, always good to get dry vs gravy when given the choice . . . .

      1. I got takeout from Chili Chicken a few months ago, the cauliflower appetizer was excellent, the shrimp in garlic sauce was mediocre/gloppy.

        They're really cheap with takeout orders, if I hadn't checked the bag before I left they wouldn't have given me utensils, but best of all, the manager at the cash register had a big pile of napkins from Dunkin Donuts and gave me a few of those (I guess I'm lucky I even got more that one).

        1. Here's one of the earliest posts I remember about Talk of the Town, and that was 5 years ago.