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Sep 16, 2007 05:17 AM

Olivettis des plaines

Heard great things about this place on another board.. New York visiting, how good is this place?

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  1. It's a nice, small neighborhood Italian place. My favorite dish there is the Italian Sausage & Mushroom Risotto.

    1. is solid. Small and cozy. Nice neighborhood place.

      1. Gotta tell you folks, Olivettis in Des Plaines will be a disappointment. After reading the boards here, my wife and I set out for pasta at Olivettis. First, the place has an unmarked entry that leaves all newcomers wondering how to get in. Once you are in the staff is certainly friendly, but the place looks like they've never changed the decor since the 60's.

        The bread service and cocktails were just fine, but when the salad came the disappointment began. The Italian dressing was nothing more than balsamic vinegar, and no amount of table condiments added to it will produce anything resembling what we think of as "real" Italian dressing.

        My wife ordered the Linguini with white clam sauce, which was nothing more than oiled linguini with six clams nestled in the pile. No sauce, no wine, no garlic, just six clams. When asked, the waiter just said "thats how they make their clam sauce" sauce. I ordered the homemade rigatoni which were extra large and done well, but the sauce wasn't even Prego quality! The meatballs were hard, dry and tasteless.

        The waiter was apologetic, and seemed to be accustomed to offering substitutions. He seemed genuinely embarrassed with our food quality, and we would have taken him up on his offer if we thought it would've helped. Linguini with clam sauce, marinara and dressing are the staples of any Italian restaurant, and the slightly lower prices Olivettis charges for entree's doesn't forgive the lack of taste and overall quality.

        No, friends, Olivettis won't win you over if you are craving a "wipe your plate clean with your bread" kind of meal. I really would suggest Rossinis on Dempster and Milwaukee or Gusto's on Waukegan, in Glenview. Heck, go to Olive Garden for heaven's sake, you'll be happier than if you ate at Olivettis.

        Sorry Olivetti's. I really wanted to like your food.