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Sep 16, 2007 04:58 AM

Angelina's in Ogunquit

We were part of a large party (about 30), and were seated in the covered "patio" section, not the main din rm. Don't know if it was because we were in this section, but noise level was very high, making conversation in normal tone impossible.
We were at a table of about 10 people, and one person was not served his entree with the rest of the table. We thought it would be a just few minutes wait -- instead it was 20 minutes!! The wait staff were repeatedly told about the delay and kept saying "it would be right out". Not only was the delay appalling long, but the wait staff began clearing the plates of the others at the table who had finished!! When the meal finally arrived, the wait staff simply delivered the plate -- no apology!! By the time the entree arrived, the plates of half the diners had been removed. Why would the staff start removing plates when they knew someone had not even been served yet?? Bad enough to remove plates while others in the party are still eating, but to remove them when someone hasn't even been served is ridiculous. Aren't the wait staff trained to know when it is proper to clear the table?? This seems very basic to good service.
Now, the food. Appetizers - brushsetta, mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, and stuffed portabello mushrooms - were fine, but not outstanding. They were served family style, which was awkward because conversation had to stop as people passed the items, and there was no room at table to set platters after they were passed. Soup course - the lobster bisque had virtually no lobster in it and very little lobster flavor at all. The Italian soup had veggies, but had been described as having beans -- there were no beans. Soup and bisque were below average.
The entree fared much better. Several people had the steak, and that did get very high marks. Everyone who had the steak said it was delicious and raved about it. The salmon did not fare as well, although favorful it was undercooked, not just pink in the middle but raw and cold. My spouse had requested that it be cooked all the way through, but it was just as undercooked as mine. Too bad, since it seemed to be fresh and tender, but definitely undercooked. Also rating high was the bar -- the wine list was interesting and varied and martini specialities were extensive and well made.

The restaurant was extremely crowded all night, even though this was a weekend after Labor Day. Maybe they do better with smaller parties, since they obviously have quite a following. Maybe our experience was due to our being such a large party - although the reservation and planning for this dinner was completed well in advance.

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  1. Hack Chef......But thanks for the report. I never heard of this restaurant, but I will definately not go there.................

    1. I have dined at Angelina's on numerous occasions with my husband as well as with a larger family group. We have always enjoyed a good meal. There was never a time when we left saying we had a terrible meal or that we wouldn't return. Labor Day weekend was totally crazy in Ogunquit as well as the weekend immediately after--I'm not making excuses because I have no affiliation with the restaurant, but perhaps that was part of the problem.

      1. i am the owner of angelinas first of all yes you were a very large party 30 to be exact! your party had a set menu, yet at the table you sat at 3 guest decided to have something that was not offered to you, and i agreed to do it, with that in mind the server got confused and sent the person with the steak a lobster risotto because he was asking about it, as for thelobster bisque well there is not suppose to be lobster chunks in it that would be lobster stew. as for being on the patio, that was your event person who chose that location. the servers do know proper clearing of tables, however when many guests are done especially in a large group we clear the plates to give guest room as they are not sitting with a mess in front of them. we cook our fish med rare unless specified because of the high quallty of seafood we use, if you fish was to under cooked well you could have simply asked to have it put back on the grill. we do have a large following and are considered the best Italian restaurant in the area. as for the "family style" appetizer, again that was at the request of your event planner. in conclusion, it seems as though your group had problems with the last restaurant the year prior, yet when everyone left, you all left happy, full, and satisfied and was told that we would do your even again next year. I hope you will try our restaurant again, and next time you have a situation you should bring it to a manager and it could be resolved so you are happy instead of writing on a blog about your version of the experience. we hope to see you again

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          angelinas, thank you for responding to this post. You've cleared up my 2 main questions to the OP. Were any of these problems brought to the attention of the management before posted here(and elsewhere), and were the family style appetizers NOT preordered that way by the hosts.

          1. re: cowgirlinthesand

            none of the problems were brought to myself or any part of management, as a matter of fact, the head waiter was one of the servers. i was the host that evening, and because of the large party they were, i myself was personall involved in the entire meal. and the "family style" appetizers WERE preordered by the hosts, they wanted 2 or 3 platters per table. on the way out, EVERYONE said thank you and they were very happy, they also expressed to me that the restaurant they chose last year didnt make them happy and would book their anual function with us. when the host made payment they again said thank you so much and everything was wonderful. I am not sure why this person was not happy with her meal, but i can tell you that 29 others were.