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Sep 16, 2007 12:27 AM

Burbank vicinity Fri. & Sat. night - Suggestions?

We will be in Burbank at the Graciela on N. Pass on Friday and Saturday night in early October. I have been to Bistro Provence (across the street) before and plan to eat there one night. Any suggestions for the other night? Looking at the past posts, I am thinking about Guantanamera or Ca del Sole, but really want ideas.
Price is not an issue (this is a vacation) but driving distance from the hotel is definitely a consideration. Just the 2 of us, no kids. (If it helps, we were in Orange County 6 months ago and based on chowhound posts went to Blue Fin (omakase) and Tradition by Pascal - both of which we really liked.)
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Fancy food is hard to find in Burbank. If you want ethnic dives in the area, let us know.

    Fancy-ish, you could go to Carousel, Mandaloun or Raffi's, all in Glendale; Granville has soups and salads and pastas and pizzas in a more upscale environment; there's the Smokehouse and Arnie Morton's for when you must have meat. In Studio City is Sushi Nozawa which is in a strip mall but is in, say, the top 10-15 sushi places on most people's list, or Tama for the $50 omakase that will knock your socks off.

    1. Sushi Nishi-ya?
      I've not been yet, but based on postings here, it's on my to-do list. It's on the Glendale border of Burbank.
      I live in Burbank and tend to avoid downtown on Fri and Sat nights - too many movie goers.

      1. I like Ca del Sole a lot... esp if they have the carrot gnocchi...

        Le Petit Chateau is nice.

        Granville is less expensive but has awesome mac'n'cheese.

        I know driving is a consideration, but Studio City is very close, and if you head up toward Ventura Blvd, you'll get Nozawa and Tama Sushi for sushi. Firefly is also closeby, If you go a bit further into Sherman Oaks, you have Max or Mistral.

        1. Thanks so much you guys! It looks like Max will be the choice for dinner and we'll try to get free for lunch at Sushi Nishi-ya or Tama on Saturday. Wow! This is great - I've gone from trying to scrape up a place to trying to narrow down choices and include lunch. Thanks again.