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Sep 15, 2007 11:19 PM

Urasawa - reservation is set for Wed 9/19

I called this past week to make my reservation. I asked if they had anything available on Thursday or Friday but the guy on the phone said they only have availability on Wed 9/19 so that's when I'm going.

I went there once last year and my post is at

Since then I have become an amateur photographer so you should expect much better pictures this time around....maybe even to rival perceptor8?

One thing that was a little bit odd though. They used to not have a corkage fee (at least that's what people in here used to say). I did not bring a bottle last year and I didn't ask at the time. This time I asked on the phone something along the lines of "oh, and do you have a corkage fee? if so, how much is it?" and the guy rather rudely said "oh course we have a corkage fee. $30".

So if anyone didn't know, it looks like there is a corkage fee.

Everything else was the usual...had to give him my credit card, he told me that it's $100/person charge if I don't cancel within 24 hours, etc.

I actually have another reservation there next month on 10/5. For that reservation, we brought up a few dates but he said they only had table space on those dates. for the sushi bar, he told us that 10/5 was the only date around that time so we got that day.

I've never heard of anyone sitting at those tables but oh well.

I hope Hiro won't mind me snapping away with my camera. For any photography nuts, I'll be using my Canon 40D (upgraded from my old 30D) + 24-70 f/2.8L. I just might bring a macro lens (EF 100mm) for some of the food shots but I don't know if I really need to get in *that* close.


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  1. I experience Urasawa vicariously through everyone's pics. Look forward to your "upgraded" pics.

    1. 30- corkage fee has only been since Jan 07'. Still the best overall Japanese experience in the USA. Enjoy, we'll be there in Nov.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. When we were last there, Janet Jackson +1 were sitting at the table and receiving (not surprisingly) excellent service. Hiro commented that she goes there often.

          I think sitting at the table would be a different experience, but still good.

          1. Hiro-san is used to people snapping away with their cameras during their meals. Heck, I know I go nuts when I eat there... Be sure to take a photo of the fresh seafood for the night before you start your meal...

            Macro lens are preferred for food shots. You'll find that uni looks much better on macro.