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Sep 15, 2007 10:41 PM


I hope I'm at the right place. I didn't see a section for Victoria, so here I am.

The lady and I will be visiting Victoria late September. I'm looking for two nice restaurants for dinner, but breakfast and lunch can be more flexible. Maybe something light, inexpensive and tasty (for breakfast and lunch) since we'll be walking a lot.

Also, I'm planning on unveiling the first ring of many on this trip, so I would like dinner to be special. Any recommendations?

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  1. Shiggy:

    Use the "search this board" function at the top of the page. Victoria has been discussed fairly often here.

    If that does not help, post again as we are heading out there in a few weeks and can suggest a number of good spots.

    1. Nice places to eat in Victoria:

      Brasserie L'Ecole: French Brasserie (obviously). Very, very good. Great wine program (you can open any bottle on the list as long as you take 2 glasses of it (all bottles have five glasses in it). Very good, reasonably priced and delicious.

      Matisse: Best restaurant, in my opinion, in Victoria proper. Classic French fare, done perfectly... great wine list.

      Sooke Harbour House: Outside of Victoria (about half an hour). World renowned hotel/restaurant... beautiful but pricey.


      Rebarb: Hippy breakfast place. Delicous smoothies and brunch. Fills up quickly on weekend.

      Ferris's Oyster Bar: Cheap oysters and burgers. Good for lunch.

      Hope that helps!

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      1. re: Cancuk

        For a special dinner, I would add another place to the list:

        Paprika--in Oak Bay (on Estevan): One of the best restaurants in the city. Fine dining with Hungarian influences; the owners grow a lot of the vegetables they serve in the restaurant.

        1. re: Cancuk

          Cancuk means "Rebar", I think. A very delicious choice to visit.

          I also recommend Paprika,

          And don't overlook the Oak Bay Marina!
          The lunches are fairly ordinary but also good value and the dinners are excellent. They had a very creative menu when I was there less than a year ago. (

          There are lots of other high-end resto in Victoria but these 2 help relieve stress on the bank account. Well, for us-- as we don't order a lot of expensive liquor!

        2. Rosemeade
          beautiful space, really good food, romantic... also a gorgeous fireplace by which you can have drinks... and perhaps pop the question

          1. Just got back from Victoria. Here are a few places we ate at:

            Il Terrazo - great food. Great atmosphere. It was PACKED when we arrived. I told the waitress I needed a table for two and was expecting to hear, "It will be a 20min wait." But, she came back in 30 seconds and said that they had a table ready. Awesome. I ordered the chicken linguini and my wife ordered a pizza; I also ordered a Napolean Martini. Their martini selection is vast, unfortunately I did not enjoy the flavor of mine. Both meals were excellent, none the less. I really enjoyed this place and highly recommend it.

            Swan's Brewpub: Great location and atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed. I got the fish and chips, which would be the main course I enjoyed throughout the trip. Good service. Good food. No complaints. I'd recommended Swan's to you.

            Penny Farthing Pub ( I found this place in Oak Bay, a few minutes drive from Victoria. Visiting the Farthing was one of the most memorable experiences during the trip. Very comfortable, laid back atmosphere. Uncrowded, large eating areas. We chose a table across from a flat screen TV near the back and watched football while dining on (more) fish and chips and a bowl of chowder, which was excellent. Great selection of beers and ales as well. I highly recommend Penny Farthing to you.

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              1. re: victoriafoodie

                Plans changed. I asked her to marry me a few weeks prior to the trip. She said, "Of course." Hehe.