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Sep 15, 2007 10:19 PM

CSA's in NoVa/DC

I have been doing a little research regarding Community Assisted Agriculture (CSA) and I know there are a number of options in the Northern Virginia and DC area... I was wondering if anyone is already a CSA member? Do you know of anyone who is? Do you like it?

I want to look into this now so that I can buy a share for the upcoming year. The Local Harvest website has been a huge help, but the majority of their information appears to be outdated.

Thank you!

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  1. We live in NoVa and got a half share at Great Country Farms.

    We chose them besically because they were the only CSA that would deliver straight to our door. We have been quite pleased with the abundant fresh fruits and vegetables. It can be a struggle, however, thinking up different ways to prepare all the bounty. I have become quite proficent at internet recipe searches.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I've also been looking at Olin-Fox Farms, but some people complain that their shares are too small for the price. What are your experiences with Great Country Farms? What produce, specifically, are you getting?

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        We only have a 1/2 share, but it has been more than ample. The variety changes with the season. Trying to remember the order: swiss chard; kale; collard greens; string beans; broccoli; apricots; peaches; cucumber; peaches; corn; peaches; tomatoes; zucchini; squash; peaches; beets; tomatoes; tomatoes; apples; lettuce; peaches; tomatoes; tomatoes; cherry tomatoes; beets; corn; many different spice plants. Did I mention peaches & tomatoes?

      2. We are shareholders with waterpenny farm ( and have been very happy (sometimes overwhelmed) with our deliveries. They have a few drop-off points in arlington, but other than the one right near the clarendon metro, i'm not sure where they are.

        We actually just went out to the farm on Labor Day for a tomato tasting and farm tour. They are doing a great job and it was really nice to meet them.

        They don't, however, do fruit (other than melons), so we have been hitting the farmer's markets to supplement our veggie delivery.

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          Last summer I had a small share from Potomac Vegetable Farms in Purcellville ( They have pick-up locations in two clusters: PVF East ( from Vienna east: Arlington, Falls Church, Alexandria, Fairfax, Bethesda) and PVF West (Herndon, Leesburg, Ashburn, Reston and Purcellville). I was quite pleased with the quality, quantity and variety, but found even a small share was too much for a single person who travels.

          This summer I've been buying from them at the Leesburg farmers market.

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            FWIW, their shares are sold out. I looked into them, too. I'll have to look for them at farmers markets.

            1. re: chowser

              To be clear, PVF shares are sold out for 2007. The OP was interested in a share for the coming year -- 2008 shares should go on sale in February.

        2. I have done Great Country Farm in the past and they delivered to my door in arlington. I only got a half share and it is a lot of food and one thing that's great is that it will enable you to try lots of things you may not try otherwise. quality was good too.

          1. Howdy... we're in Alexandria and started with Great Country Farms this year. There are just two of us, but we really like vegetables, so we got a full share. I think next year we'll back down to a half-share because it's really a lot of food to try to keep up with unless you like to cook, freeze, and can a lot. We got an ABUNDANCE of white flesh peaches this year -- they were SO delicious. I've never been a peach fan, but I am now. :) If you get food delivered you also get to go out to the farm and do your own picking at a reduced cost. We never availed ourselves of that benefit, just because it's a little far away for our busy scheduled. It's nice to think, though, that we could go out there if we had the chance. :)

            In fact, I just got my delivery today... in our "full-share" we had 16 tomatoes, 12 apples, 4 bell peppers, 4 yellow squash, a good amount of kale, and two small bags of red potatoes. In the past we've also occasionally gotten herbs in soil that we keep growing on our deck... I've got a tableful of herbs out there now -- basil, thyme, cilantro, mint, oregano, etc.

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              We went out to Great Country Farms a couple years ago and it's a fun afternoon if you have the time for the drive out there. Very pretty location, with a little shop and barns and a petting zoo (little goats and other animals) you can visit. I definitely recommend it.