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Sep 15, 2007 09:32 PM

How's the Tulip for Sunday brunch?

Also, what about Patrician?

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  1. What type of experience and food are you looking for?

    1. I think Tulip serves all day breakfast. There's no sunday brunch.

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      1. re: ace123

        Just out of curiosity, when people on this board talk of "brunch", how does it differ from breakfast?

        1. re: Brain of J

          In my experience, brunch menus should be a little more adventurous that the typical "two eggs any style, bacon/sausage and hash browns" platter. In fact, to really qualify, there should be an option to order lunch-type foods along with more breakfasty items.

          The places mentioned by the OP are traditional diners... straight up eggs-and-whatever selections only. Ergo, breakfast, not brunch.

          1. re: tartiflette

            I think The Tulip probably qualifies as a brunch spot on the weekends -- the menu has items not offered on weekdays (like Eggs Benedict,) and the lunch menu is available at the same time as the breakfast menu. But it's not a place for a leisurely meal, and I like to take my time when having brunch.

          2. re: Brain of J

            Not always the authority but this one sounds about right, and echo's what tart said...


            1. re: Recyclor

              I always thought the best definition of brunch was from the Simpson's episode where Marg has a fling with her Parisian bowling instructor.


        2. I think if you call it brunch at the Tulip they'll throw you out of there. You've selected two of the best greasy spoon breakfast locations. If you're nursing your wounds these two are your new best friends.

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          1. Tulip is great. I've never been to Patrician. But if you're looking for all day breakfast (or even a steak) I would recommend this place. Fast and friendly service, warm plates and a good meal all around. You can even go to the beaches afterwards to walk off brunch.

            1. The original comment has been removed