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Sep 15, 2007 09:12 PM

Seattle: "Homemade" ice cream anywhere?

Are there any small ice cream places in Seattle? I've read about some gelato places, but I want a place that sells creative, homemade ice cream. I don't mean anything like Coldstone. An example (if you've ever been to the Boston area) would be Christina's in Inman Sq. or the former Denise's in Davis Sq. or Herrel's or Lizzie's. I miss local ice cream joints :(

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  1. I like Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream in Maltby (15 min east of Bothell). The factory is next to the shop.

    1. I miss Christina's too! I would try the gelato places while you are here (Gelatiamo, for example) and the trio of mini ice cream sandwiches at Crush.

      1. There's some folks (Empire Ice Cream) selling at the ballard farmer's market on sunday's. The cucumber sorbet was delicious (esp. in a gin and tonic) and the sweet basil is equally nummy.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions.. I'll definitely have to check them out. Sweet basil - very interesting!

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            Check out the ice cream sold at Fran's in U Village. The lemon is out of this world, and I like the burnt sugar quite a lot also. They have a few other flavors.

            Unfortunately not IN the city but look at the website for Mora Ice Cream on Bainbridge and in Bellevue. It sounds like what you're after.

          2. Empire Ice Cream is so good. The flavors are very unique and taste really fresh. They did a Sweet Corn ice cream that tasted like...well, fresh sweet corn. Not a hint of that oversweetened, sugary or artificial flavoring ick that is in most grocery store brands. I think they are based in Queen Anne.