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Sep 15, 2007 09:03 PM

Cafe Juanita

Just went last week and had an excellent meal... I didn't come across any recent postings, so I just wanted to write and say that it was great! The service we had was excellent! Our server was very knowledgeable about the menu, and she was extremely friendly and attentive as well. She was not overly attentive, which I also appreciated. The sommelier knew the wine list extremely well and he was able to quickly suggest 5 wines within our budget and taste preferences... in addition to matching our wine selection!

One of the best things was that we ordered a soup, and our server asked if we wanted them to split it into three plates. It was a room temperature heirloom tomato soup - delicious! She could tell that we planned on pretty much tasting a lot of each other's places. I thought it was very thoughtful to offer to split that way. The other appetizer we got - shrimp and avocado, etc. was nice but not something I would order again.

We ordered the pork cheek (very tender and flavorful, but very rich - so be careful!), the rabbit (insanely good... but again, very rich!), and the wagyu beef (excellent! Perfectly cooked and extremely delicious!) We split a panna cotta and (corn flavored) creme brulee for desert. The creme brulee came with homemade crackerjacks. The crackerjacks were excellent - and kind of fun too!

Overall, we had a fantastic night. We started with the prosecco and parmesan appetizer, and it just set the mood perfectly. We also liked the setting of the restaurant... not too loud, not too quiet. Very nice.

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  1. I was there about a week or so before you and also really enjoyed my experience. I loved the soup. I could make a meal out of it. The foie gras, although I'm not normally a fan, was outstanding!

    1. I'm an Eastsider and I haven't been to CJ since about the 90's. How much is it for that meal you described (approx)? It sounds wonderful.

      1. On my last vacation to Seattle hitting up various Chow-ish spots, Cafe Juanita was the best of the trip. I still dream of the sweetbreads she prepared...

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          We have reservations at Cafe Juanita for this Saturday night. Any other suggestions of what to order? There will be seven of us, so lots of sharing can go on.

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            The rabbit--which is a staple on the menu--is fantastic. The menu largely changes every few months, so I don't know what else will be on it. The pastry chef's sorbets and gelatos have been excellent. You can order more dishes if you order the smaller sized pastas/risottos . . . .