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Sep 15, 2007 08:37 PM

dorie greenspan's chive cheddar bread - EAT IT!!

If you like savory baked goods, her "cake sale" recipe on serious eats website is so good. I made it today, and was surprised by how much I liked it. It is incredibly moist, with a 1/3 cup of olive oil being the only fat. I wish this woman would adopt me.

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  1. I'm on it. thanks. I just bought her big Baking book (on and can't wait to immerse myself in all things Dorie.

    1. Could you post the link? I can't seem to get to it, and I'd really like to try this!

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        This sounds so good, I had to look it up. Hopefully I can make it this week and report back....

        Here's the link:

      2. it literally takes ten minutes to put it all together. I had to wait for the oven to finish preheating by the time I had all the ingredients chopped up and put together. It was really nice toasted this morning as well.