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Sep 15, 2007 08:12 PM

Las Vegas Bakeries

Last night my dinner guests had just returned from a business trip to Las Vegas. While there, they had wanted to find a bakery to buy "goodies" for the meeting. They were told by their Las Vegas hosts that there were no bakeries in Las Vegas. WTF??? (btw, they ended up going to little French bakery in the Paris for their goodies...).

OK, so maybe other than in the Paris there are no bakeries on the strip. But no bakeries in Vegas?? I find that hard to believe....and since work takes DH and I increasingly to Vegas, I need to know that its not true.....hounds, help me out here and let me prove my friends wrong....

Any neighborhood ok, but west side/"The Lakes" suggestions especially welcome.....

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  1. On strip @ The Venetian you will find Bouchon Bakery. It's underneath the escalators tucked away near Grand Lux...

    I'm not too sure about the west side, but I'll look into it.

    1. There are, of course, many bakeries in LV. Freed's is a well known institution, on Eastern Ave. Also in Green Valley is a terrific small bakery called Layers. Although I do not know the west side as well, I am sure there are bakeries there as well!

      1. hey there!
        funny i should find this post today - i live in LV and moved here recently after living in boston and the Poconos my whole life
        my brothers bday ws last week and i wnted to find a cake to bring to the restaurant (TBones) - they dont have "cakes" there - but they did offer a nice $25 plate of berries and cream...OMG!!!!
        Anyway - i must have driven around the city - mainly Summerlin area (NW) all day and the best thing i could find that resembled a bakery was WHole Foods and Cheescake Factory!!!
        Your friend is right - there are NO bakeries here - except if you ask some of the locals they will tell you Starbucks or Vons...
        my mouth is watering already!

        1. To say there are no bakeries here is more an a bit of an exaggeration. Provence Bakery next to Hue Thai on Spring Mountain has some amazing looking stuff. On the west side, Cupcake Lane Bakery makes some great cupcakes, while Great Buns has a good variety of things. And FWIW, Whole Foods' bakery is pretty decent.

          Great Buns Bakery
          8320 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117

          Cupcake Lane Bakery
          9809 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147

          9680 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89074

          Provence Bakery
          5115 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

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          1. re: brisket

            I second Provence.....
            Their butter cookies are amazing!

            .....another bakery in the Summerlin area is Leopold's

            Leopold's Bakery
            10260 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145

            1. re: brisket

              there is another cupcake place on grand's just around the corner from cupcake lane...too close...the name escapes me...surprise freed's hasn't put a 2nd store on the westside...if i recall correctly, they are moving from there current location but i believe they are sticking to the eastside ( the new location might be closer to the 7 hills area )

              i treid big buns once...not bad...but i did not order a cake.

              1. re: kjs

                The name of the other and frankly, in my opinion the best of the two shoppes is Mad Hatter Cupcakes...It is a "create your own cupcake" concept. You choose the cake flavor, the filling, the frosting, and finally the topping. Plus, you can eat 'em there onsite. Delicious, delicious, delicious. oh, and did I mention the largest and moistest cupcakes in town. So, drive past "cupcake lame" and pay a visit to the mad hatter instead. seriously.

                Also, Leopold's Bakery in Summerlin has for years held court in terms of a real legitimate bakery in town. For years, I have been a devotee of this establishment- their products are really uber tasty, more in keeping with European pastry, than Freed's is, but their service has suffered a bit of a meltdown in the past six months. However, if you can tolerate the teenager counter person yapping on the phone with a friend instead of servicing you while you wait more than five minutes to drop 40 bucks on a delicious cake, by all means try the Tiramisu or Strawberry Shortcake. But reasonable and minimally expected customer service, takes a back seat here now.

                1. re: foodmaveninvegas

                  Mad Hatter is my favorite, too. I love the Island Joy and my husband loves the Red Velvet. Each visit we try a new variety, as well. We haven't found a bad combo, but some are better than others. Now that Fuddruckers has opened they've extended their hours to 9pm. We used to miss them a lot when they were only open until 7pm.

            2. I would MOST enthusiastically recommend LAYERS bakery on Sunset and Green Valley Pkwy --- really delicious homestyle goodies kind of in a Barefoot Contessa style. The chocolate cakes in particular are the best in town.