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Sep 15, 2007 07:14 PM

UNDERWOOD - Graton - What's the word?

I enjoyed a right tasty burger at the Underwood in Graton yesterday.

It's not Spanky's, who served a truely a great burger, but it was the best I've had this year.

Spanky's is no more....>sigh<

Just across the street under same ownership I had delicious folded eggs at the WillowWood this morn - - they do good things up there.

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  1. Underwood is great. Warm, inviting interior. Cool bar with interesting cocktails. Yummy food, lively atmospohere. I loved pretty much everything about the place. The service was a bit off, but what they lacked in service, they made up for in their macaroni and cheese. It was to die for.

    1. I've heard from friends that Underwood is pretty good but haven't tried it yet..
      didn't Spanky's use to be in Fairfax, Marin county??

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      1. re: rosso

        Gosh-a-mighty, you don't even want to think about the Fairfax location....two very different things.

      2. Favorite restaurant in Sonoma county

        1. I've been there three times and I just don't get it. It seems to be a hip, cool spot with a lot of young, urban people hanging out at the bar. But the service has always been poor for me and the food only marginal. Maybe I'm not ordering the right things... but I just don't get it. I love WillowWood. Their food and service was much better.

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            If memory serves, Sally Spitzer owns both places, Underwood being new.

            I've had so-so fare at the Underwood, but generally it's pretty good chow.

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              Ah, the WillowWood Market. What a lovely place to have breakfast or lunch. On a beautiful day, the back patio is heaven on earth. I also love it for its weird assortment of items for sale. My husband once bought me a clock (red devil's face with a black beard pendulum) there. It was like $10 and lasted for years. I actually still have it on the wall but it doesn't keep good enough time to be reliable anymore.

            2. re: Sonoma County Girl

              I had breakfast/brunch at Willowwood last Sunday, my first time back since the remodel. Just enough stuff on display to still call it a "market", lots more seating now. No problem getting a four-top at 9:15am. I had the eggs benny, love the light and lemony tart hollandaise here. Nice latte served in a bowl and fresh-squeezed OJ. Fortified me for a shopping jaunt at the Sebastopol farmers market immediately afterwards.

              Did anyone go to Graton Day on Saturday? What's it like?

              Underwood Bar & Bistro
              9113 Graton Rd, Graton, CA 95444

              Willow Wood Market Cafe
              9020 Graton Rd, Graton, CA 95444

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I think they have a solid Huevos Rancheros here and I really dig the polenta. Wash it down with a kir royale.

            3. Underwood is the only restaurant open late in the entire west county. It has a nice country grill style and feel to it and the bar is typically populated with a who's who of west county wine makers and vinters. It is on the same spot of the old (and infamous) Skip's Bar and Grill that was home to one of the greatest burgers of all time and a an owner name Skip who kept a shotgun under the counter.

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              1. re: grubber4

                Memory shot.....Skip's you say, not Spanky's?

                I remember asking what makes them think their burger's so good. Waitress said "Well, just try it and you'll see." I did. They understated.