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Sep 15, 2007 07:14 PM

HELP!!!! Keeping french baguette fresh?!?

just bought two french baguettes for a picnic tomorrow and kelling myself because I know it will get hard by tomorrow. Is there ANY WAY I can keep it fresh? do I put it in the fridge or better to freeze it, do I pop it in the oven before I go to the picnic? WHAT can i do??? do I spray it with water? PLEASE HELP!!!

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  1. I know freezing keeps the baguettes well but my experience has been with the expectation of putting it in the oven before serving it. To be honest, I've never had bread out of the freezer unless I've first baked it in the oven. I've heard that you can stick a slice of regular sandwich bread in the same bag to keep it from getting hard. My only fear would be that the baguettes might take on some of the flavor of the sandwich bread.

      1. re: rebs

        Wrapping in plastic is the best solution if you can't freeze/reheat. The problem is that the crust softens some due to the trapped moisture, but that's still preferable to jawbreaker bread.

        1. re: carswell

          I wonder if wrapping it in parchment paper might be a good compromise? I've wrapped baguettes in plastic wrap and not only does the moisture get trapped, the bread takes on the smell of the plastic...

      2. I don't know if this will work, but Zingerman's prints this tip on the wrappers of their hearty breads--brush the crust with water and put it in the oven at 350 for a couple of minutes. I had bread that was hard as a rock, and I basically stuck it under the faucet till it was totally wet and put it in the oven. It worked!

        1. I ALWAYS wrap my bread in foil immediately on getting home and put it in the freezer. Remove it a few hours ahead. It doesn't need to be reheated. Never leave it out, even wrapped.

          1. Double wrap in plastic and freeze...and bake at 225F to revive it after a light sprinkling of water. ....In the future, BUY a tuscan, ciabbata or focaccia style of bread: I think these bread doughs are just higher in moisture and oil and hold up better.