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Best Restaurant Dessert currently in New Orleans

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what would it be in your opinion?

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  1. Poached pear & creme fraiche at Lilette. Sublime.
    Coconut creme pie at Herbsaint.
    Banana creme pie at Emeril's.

    1. Vanilla Bean Creole Cream Cheesecake with House Made Graham Crackers and Fresh Berry Flambé at Delmonico

      1. I second the goat cheese creme fraiche. An outstanding dessert by the greatest pastry chef in New Orleans.

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          I third the pear and creme fraiche, its really amazing.

        2. Please cast both M&M jfood's vote for:

          - Bread pudding souffle at Commanders

          1. I had Adelaide do a traditional cherry's jubilee - it was pretty amazing
            But Banana's Foster is something only new orleans can do

            1. Tres Leches cake at Rio mar... I want to rub it all over myself... it is that good.

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                Oh, you are so right about Tres Leches.
                Also on my list...bread pudding souffle at Commander's and white chocolate bread pudding at Palace Cafe.

              2. I am partial to that brown butter tart with bananas at Herbsaint.

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                  Oh, yeah. That gets my vote. The malted chocolate creme brulee at H is also good (though it rotates with other desserts).

                2. bananas foster at arnauds :)

                  1. The brown butter banana tart at Herbsaint or the homemade ice creams at Martinique.

                    1. The coconut gellato at Angelo Brocatos
                      the white and dark choclate bread pudding at Redfish Grill
                      the lemon ice box pie at clancys is my favorite dessert in the city

                      1. How does K-Pauls coconut cake stake up in this category? I have been thinking of ordering, in advance, for my next trip there.
                        (I'm usually so full while in NOLA that I don't have room for dessert. Maybe I should start having it first.)

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                          i dropped my twice and the second time they had it. but was eating somewhere else or just too full from lunch so grabbed a precious slice to go.

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                            Not even in the ballpark. Had it years ago and found it to be heavy and overly sweet. Actually, I've not cared for any of his desserts and usually go elsewhere if I 'm not too stuffed.

                          2. Any of Pastry Chef Brittany Casciato's desserts at Cochon, but particularly her Lane Cake, "Moon Pie" and Mississippi Mud Pie.

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                              tried her buttermilk pie and it was good not exceptional.

                            2. Hubby and I have had every dessert at The Delachaise and La Boca. You cannot go wrong with any dessert at either of these restaurants.

                              1. I agree- the banana brown sugar tart at Herbsaint--we've gone late to just sit at the bar and have that!

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                                  I also loved the banana brown sugar tart at Herbsaint. It's MUCH better than their coconut pie.

                                  My other favorites are the banana cream pie at Emeril's and Ruth's Chris also does a delicous one.

                                  As for Commander's Palace's bread pudding, I hate it. I love bread pudding but theirs is so overrated. For good bread pudding, try Mulate's or the Marriott hotel's buffet. Actually, you'll find better bread pudding anywhere but Commander's Palace.

                                  And probably the cheapest and one of the best is the chocolate pecan pie at Camellia grill. It's to die for and disgustingly so.

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                                    Only if you get that pie warmed up on the grill with a little syrup poured over it. Then it truly is to die for.

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                                      Last time I had the bread pudding souffle at CP it reminded me of oatmeal. Makes me wonder if it always did and I just never noticed.

                                  2. The Sticky Toffee Pudding at Dick & Jenny's is probably my all time favorite dessert. I'm so happy that it's back on the menu in time for fall.

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