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Sep 15, 2007 07:10 PM

What's with 2 amy's recently?

2 Amy's has been one of our absolute favorites for years. We drive from Annapolis on a practically monthly basis and were never disappointed. However, the last several visits have been worrisome. I've had at least six pizzas and there is a definite change for the worse. The dough is not as crisp nor does it taste the same. It's just plain mediocre. Has anyone else noticed this? The other dishes seem to have retained their quality but I would be very disappointed if 2 amy's didn't get their mojo back.

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  1. I was there recently and my usual order of a margherita was as good as ever.

    1. any chance the days you were there were very humid (I know in D.C. it's hard to tell the difference)? I've never been disappointed there, but the weather can play havoc with dough. You should be sure to let them know, because they are quality focused.

      1. I was there last night and my margherita was perfect! That place was a madhouse on a Friday night.

        1. We go there periodically and I've never understood the fuss about this place. It appears to have its local fans but we have always found it mediocre. Outer crust burned and center a gooey mess makes us go elsewhere for decent pizza.

          1. I'm pretty sure the that there is a different pizza "guy" (went to Red Rocks or something??). Ask for your pizza "well done".


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              You're right about one of their pizza guys:

              I was at 2Amys about 2 weeks ago and had the special eggplant/smoked moz pizza, well done, and it was great. Also had the fava bean crustini - weird looking, like mushed peas, but very tasty. I realize some people think charred pizza crust is "burned" and therefore unacceptable - others don't. It seems they are undercooking to avoid "burned" complaints.

              Another question: Is there any coal-fired pizza in DC? Need a Grimaldi's (NYC) fix.

              1. re: Lydia R

                No coal fired pizza in DC. The closest would be in Perry Hall outside Baltimore.