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Sep 15, 2007 06:06 PM

Anything Good in Gainesville?

Going to Gainesville for UF's family weekend in Oct. ls there anywhere good to eat besides chain restaurants? My daughter says she's found a good sushi place, but my husband refuses to eat sushi. Any suggestions?

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  1. Paramount Grill downtown is my top choice; close second is Mildred's Big City Food.
    Mildred's has a website but I don't think Paramount does. both are great

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    1. re: steakman55

      The Paramount is fantastic, and they recently put up a web-site: Take a peek at their menu and then give it a shot, you wont regret it.

        1. Dragonfly (downtown G'ville) has the best sushi in Gainesville and some of the best I've ever had anywhere. I'm pretty sure they have some non-sushi items on the menu to please your husband.

          I love Chop Stix Cafe, a picturesque Pan-Asian restaurant that specializes in noodle dishes, but it doesn't seem to be that popular on this message board. It's on SW 13th Street, located on a beautiful lake.

          1. I would echo the above sentiments. Paramount Grill is one of my favorites - I've never been disappointed. Also, having recently developed a taste for sushi, Dragonfly is fantastic for both sushi-lovers and those opposed to raw fish. Plenty of cooked items on the menu. Have fun!

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              I have had some good meals at Emiliano's. The 43rd st deli does a nice breakfast. I was disappointed in chopstix and unimpressed by Mildred's. Thought the menu there read well, but preparation was lackluster.
              Looking forward to trying the Paramount.

              1. re: janebold

                I second Emiliano's -- delicious pork loin. Now that the weather is getting cooler in the evening, take a table outside on the sidewalk.

                1. re: floridan

                  I love the desserts and sangria at Emilano's and its nice to sit outside when its not summertime.

              2. re: gatordoc

                It is so nice to hear Dragonfly is still open! They inspired my love for sushi while I was a student... delicious! Do they still have that roll with strawberries? That was interesting...

                1. re: yomyb

                  I haven't been back to Gainesville since an overnight in 2005, but last I heard they were still open.

                  1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                    Dragonfly is not only still open, but they have also expanded! I believe they took over the old Mark's restaurant that was next door...or could be Hooters, but I'm sure a Hooters in downtown Gainesville wouldn't close down. Now there is a larger, more upscale dining room. If you recall, the old dining room was kind of wannabe-cheesy-modern-ish. Now they have nicer fixtures, tables and chairs.

                    Yomyb - i also LOVE that strawberry roll! I believe it was called a dragon roll. Also can't beat the crab wontons. My cousin thinks the sauce they serve with it is actually apricot baby food. Sounds weird, but tastes delicious.

                    1. re: jessicam29

                      Yes, Hooter's downtown closed and moved to a more student-oriented location on SW 34th St.