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Sep 15, 2007 05:44 PM

Good Pizza in Chestnut Hill/ Mt Airy/ Germantown Area

Have been going to Rizzo's in Glenside from Mt Airy for pizza (and loving it). But it's kinda far. Returned to Mario's Pizzeria in the shopping center off Mermaid Lane in Mt Airy tonight and compared to Rizzo (well, there was no comparison). My question is then if I don't feel like driving to Glenside from Mt Airy for pizza where can I go for a great pie that's close?


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  1. Try Roma Pizza ( NOT Roma's) on Ridge near the center of Roxborough for a pizza with a nice, yeasty crust good cheese and good sauce. For me it's classic and very good. Phone 215-482-9022.

    For a complettely different type of pizza try Alex's, also in Roxborough. It's near the center of town but on a little side street west of Ridge with dodgy parking and one ways. The pizza is my concept of classic Brooklyn NY pizza. Not that it's such a big deal, but they do toss it up in the air. Charming but maybe corny. The taste has made me a total convert. The crust is very thin and very crisp. The cheese is put on first then the pie is cooked some; it the gets a pinwheel swirl of sauce administered by a watering spout and it's rebaked. Finally, whatever toppings are desired are added and it's cooked a third time. The mushrooms ar sooo mushroomy. At first I didn't know quite what to make of it, but now I'm sold. It's light as a feather and full of great pizza taste without the pizza grease. Phone for Alex's is 215-483-6126. I hope you try it. It took me a couple of times to appreciate its lightness and flavor but noe I'm sold for good. BTW, there 's no where in East Mt Airy, Chestnut Hill, Germantown at all .

    1. I'm a fan of Couch Tomato in Manayunk. Very thin crispy crust,flavorful tomato sauce, and good cheese. Parking is a pain but worth the effort.

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        Thanks but Manayunk is farther away from me than Glenside.

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          Alex's is worth the occasional special trip. One strategy: Get their half-baked and finish it at home.

      2. roxborough/manayunk are only near mt. airy on a bike, not by car, and that's not a good way to carry a pizza. alex's, roma, etc. - not that helpful.

        not that i have a good answer... fiesta is, IMHO, completely mediocre.
        there's a place off of Greene, near the Upsal train station - Toto's? - that I've had once. It was filling, and had a tasty tomato sauce. Best I've seen in Mt.Airy for a while, but not as good as Rizzo's.

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          Sadly there is no good answer, you are so right. Mostly because there is no good pizza in Mt. Airy. Maybe make your own.

        2. Nothing in Mt. Airy at all. It is a barren place when it comes to pizza. Maybe Tony's Pizza City which is close to Mt. Airy.
          Manayunk /Roxborough area has great pizza. Or stick to Glenside.

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            Earth, Bread and Brewery on Germantown Ave, Mt. Airy...delicious seed pizza...seriously delicious.

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              My experience has not been the same as yours. I like pizza that is not overpriced, not pretentious and minus the hipster vibe. Hipsters with kids fill the place, and the staff is overwhelmed, the owners short tempered and not so flexible.
              Earth is flatbread, not really pizza in a traditional sense. Happy you enjoy it. Mt Airy / Chestnut Hill is not barren for you.
              It is for me.

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                Trevi in Glenside is our go to place for take out pizza. The Margherita and white clam pie are very good.

                1. re: DaisyM

                  I have seen Trevi will have to try it out. Thanks Daisy

                  1. re: dublindoll

                    Report back....there just isn't a lot of "great" here in the burbs.

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              One of the other problems you face in that area of Mt. Airy is the horrendous parking. At least with Rizzo's/Trevi, you have the bank parking lot to fall back on.

            3. Isn't Rizzo's now Trevi? We go to DiMeo's in the Andorra Shopping Center on Henry. They have Neopolitan style pizza with wonderful bubbly crust. Get the Margherita. Couple of draw backs. The pies are small so the $$ add up. Also by the time we get the pie home the very thin crust is limp. We have found a great way to revive it. Put a cast iron skillet on medium to heat it. Turn to low. PLace slice and cover with a lid. Takes a few minutes but the crust comes out crispy and the cheese is melted. Best pizza in the area. Minutes from Chestnut Hill. Father afield is Ambler
              Pizza and the Plymouth Meeting Bertucci's, with the latter getting my vote for delicious thin crust and great flavor. On Bertucci's pies I order double cheese as otherwise it is scanty.

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                As a proud easterner I cannot frequent a chain (Bertucci's) for my pies. Can't do it.;]