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Sep 15, 2007 05:06 PM

Idea for banana peppers-help :)

Last week, at our local farmer's market, I bought a big bunch of banana peppers. I still have not used them.

Here's what I'm thinking I will do: slit, stuff with some kind of yummy fancy cheese, coat with egg/panko, and deep fry.

Thoughts on the cheese and/or a sauce to serve with that cheese? Does this sound good?

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  1. Anybody? Ideas? Please? Thanks in advance! I want to make this today.

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    1. re: IndyGirl

      Stuffed and fried banana peppers sound yummy. I would serve with a zesty tomato sauce. Another idea is to make a bunch of banana pepper pizzas or slice and dice them along with olives and you know have a great relish for tuna salad.

      1. re: Jason Dumo

        OK :) Now I am getting somewhere! I am trying to figure out if I can invoke sme cuisine besides tex-mex with this dish. For instance, can I stuff with goat cheese? Would I still use a tomato sauce? I am having a hard time putting those flavors together in my mind's mouth. :)

    2. bumping again. Sorry! I'm headed to the store soon and want to see if there are other ideas...or whtehr anyone things this might backfire on me. Thanks!

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        When I use banana peppers aka pepperoncini, Tex-Mex is not the first cuisine that comes to mind. Italian is. Goat chesse would be a great option for fried, battered, and breaded banana peppers. Another option is to also stuff olives and then bread and fry them, too...awesome antipasti. Besiders goat cheese, I would use cream cheese, cheddar cheese, or mozzarella. For a dipping sauce, I would take stewed San Marzano tomatoes with salt, pepper, olive oil, diced onion and garlic and some capers. I have diced pepperoncini, sweet pickles (bread and butter), and green olives to make a relish, applying it to freshly sliced rotisserie chicken breast smeared with mayonnaise and mustard on crusty Italian bread - - fabu sandwich!