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Sep 15, 2007 05:03 PM

Updates on The Linkery and Caffe Calabria

We had yesterday dinner at the Linkery (good as ever, what can go wrong with pork belly and lamb) and had the chance to talk briefly to Jay. He mentioned that the Linkery will move in about six months to a new location on the corner of 30th/N. Park Way. The new restaurant will be about double the size of their current location.
We also had lunch at Caffe Calabria today and asked about their progress of their pizzeria. They will remodel their bar, which is currently custom made in Italy and will be shipped soon. They will also tear down one of the walls to make room for a two story dining area. Three chefs from Napoli will cook in kitchen to make sure that we all get the best Napoli style food in SD. They hope to open the restaurant in about three months.
So overall this means you can start in the afternoon with a good espresoo at Caffe Calabria, walk to Apertivo for a few tapas, have dinner at The Linkery with good beer and finish the night with a glass of wine and a slice of pizza at Caffe Calabria within a few steps. Perfect.

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  1. wow! can't wait!

    For those of you who have not had the good fortune of spending time in Napoli, here are several pictures from Da Michele, arguably the best pizzeria in Naples.

    1. Small world, I had dinner at The Linkery as well last night :-). I tried 2 of the sausages and liked both, though I have to say that the smoked tomatillo salsa served along side did absolutely NOTHING for either link. They did, however, substitute the sauteed baby bok choy for the rainbow chard when I requested it. I drove by their new space on the way down 30th; looks to be a nice location. Lots of windows.

      P.S. Don't try the sangria and they really should reconsider and put some sugar in the jamacia ;-}

      1. That sounds like quite an evening honkman! Thanks for the update, I've been wanting to get to both of these places and just haven't had the time lately.

        We threw a bbq at our house last night, and ordered links and burgers from Jay - he delivered them personally and gave us a pretty good price on them. The burgers were from Brandt and were absolutely fantastic. The sausages were also a huge hit - we had a kielbasa type which was my favorite, a really spicy smoked chile one, and a chicken and mushroom. Bread on Market made the buns for us just like they do for the restaurant. I also cooked up some Rancho Gordo beans with bacon, and a salad made with heirloom tomatoes from the La Mesa farmers' market (my favorite new discovery) and burrata cheese from Taste in Hillcrest. The theme was local foods - in honor of September being an "eat local" month. I'll write more about it on the blog if anyone's interested - just google alice q. foodie.

        Jay doesn't normally sell the burgers retail, but you can get them at Hamilton's Meats - he does sell the sausages though so it's something to think about for your next bbq - I highly recommend them!