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Sep 15, 2007 04:13 PM

Boston Rest. For 15 JR & SR H/S Girls

My Daughters Crew Team will be in Boston for the Head of the Charles in mid Oct. The Girls are all juniors and seniors; the Coach is looking for a place for a team dinner on Saturday night. Any recommendations, out there, we’re already going Italian one night, so any thing besides Italian would be great.


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  1. The problem is a with a group that size especially during that week it's hard for a restaurant to accomodate, especially dealing with a Saturday night. From experience I know a lot of restaurants may charge a minimum in order to cover the loss they may accrue from not being able to sit a deuce or a four top that they can turn twice. That being said, Eastern Standard, or Legal Seafoods. It also depends on what the price range is.

    1. Island Hopper, check it out, I think it's what you are looking for.

      1. Where is the crew team staying? That could help with some suggestions so you don't have to travel that far from your hotel to the restaurant.

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          The Team is staying in Somerville, MA, but with subway D/T Boston will work.

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            There's an old school Italian place in Davis Sq. in Somerville called Spina. I've never been, but some hounds have had very good meals here, and usually remark on how few patrons are there. It sounds like they'd have plenty of room for a crowd, and most teenagers like Italian.

        2. Chinese? Works well for large parties.

          Lots of threads on this, for example:

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            I'm not a huge fan, but my teens and their friends seem to love Fire and Ice.

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                I find that with groups of teens, there are some very finicky eaters and it's best to put aside your feelings and appeal to the greater good. That being said, I agree that Chinese is certainly a very good choice but they sure do like Fire and Ice.

          2. although its not one of my favorite places and im sure that most hounds will agree, but Fire + Ice on Berkley is a good place to take a large group of high school students. It is basically like doing mongolian bbq, but with different ethnicities. You can do asian, italian, etc. They can probably accommodate that many people without a problem.

            Also, maybe try PF Chang's? Either in the Pru or on Arlington. That place is always a crowd pleaser as well!

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              I was going to suggest PF Chang's as well. When I was a teenager I really loved the diced chicken lettuce wraps. And it appeals to a bunch of different pallates.

              Legal's could be good...but difficult of course if a lot of people aren't seafood lovers.