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Boston Rest. For 15 JR & SR H/S Girls

My Daughters Crew Team will be in Boston for the Head of the Charles in mid Oct. The Girls are all juniors and seniors; the Coach is looking for a place for a team dinner on Saturday night. Any recommendations, out there, we’re already going Italian one night, so any thing besides Italian would be great.


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  1. The problem is a with a group that size especially during that week it's hard for a restaurant to accomodate, especially dealing with a Saturday night. From experience I know a lot of restaurants may charge a minimum in order to cover the loss they may accrue from not being able to sit a deuce or a four top that they can turn twice. That being said, Eastern Standard, or Legal Seafoods. It also depends on what the price range is.

    1. Island Hopper, check it out, I think it's what you are looking for.

      1. Where is the crew team staying? That could help with some suggestions so you don't have to travel that far from your hotel to the restaurant.

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          The Team is staying in Somerville, MA, but with subway D/T Boston will work.

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            There's an old school Italian place in Davis Sq. in Somerville called Spina. I've never been, but some hounds have had very good meals here, and usually remark on how few patrons are there. It sounds like they'd have plenty of room for a crowd, and most teenagers like Italian.

        2. Chinese? Works well for large parties.

          Lots of threads on this, for example:

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            I'm not a huge fan, but my teens and their friends seem to love Fire and Ice.

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                I find that with groups of teens, there are some very finicky eaters and it's best to put aside your feelings and appeal to the greater good. That being said, I agree that Chinese is certainly a very good choice but they sure do like Fire and Ice.

          2. although its not one of my favorite places and im sure that most hounds will agree, but Fire + Ice on Berkley is a good place to take a large group of high school students. It is basically like doing mongolian bbq, but with different ethnicities. You can do asian, italian, etc. They can probably accommodate that many people without a problem.

            Also, maybe try PF Chang's? Either in the Pru or on Arlington. That place is always a crowd pleaser as well!

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              I was going to suggest PF Chang's as well. When I was a teenager I really loved the diced chicken lettuce wraps. And it appeals to a bunch of different pallates.

              Legal's could be good...but difficult of course if a lot of people aren't seafood lovers.

            2. The Barking Crab would be a fun place for a group of teens, providing most of them like seafood. Definitely a place were they can let loose. I think they take rez's for large groups. Also, is pizza still considered Italian? I'd recommend looking into Pizzeria Regina. Best pizza in town and a fun place, especially so for some teens.
              I've seen some large groups there but not close to 20. (A couple chaperones included?)
              I'd give them a call before choosing them.

              1. Jacob Wirth's in the downtown theater district has a very large table in the back. We sat there after my niece ran the Marathon. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Boston. Also, Silvertone's off Tremont Street.

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                  HARD ROCK CAFE>

                  in the middle of Faneuil Hall , full of action, no age limit and teens LOVE it.
                  I take my neice there all the time(even thoug I am not a fan of the food)

                  Otherwise I second PF changs, Legals or cheesecake. Some big chain that is used to accomidating such large partyies. Vinny t's. etc.

                  I am not sure any of the CH peeps would say the food is good, but it is great for big and young groups.

                  Smart to book now cause this city is CRAZY that weekend.

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                    if your kids are adventurous, Indian food in Somerville (Davis Square area) like Namaskar or Devi, call in advance and have them put together an Indian menu for you so the order is in. Bet they can do it and it might be an adventure in new food for the girls.

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                      Sorry but I think that's terrible advice. While the OP doesn't say where the team is from, why come to Boston (i.e. the big city if they're not from one) to eat at the same crappy chains they can find in any local strip mall. Just because it's teenagers doesn't mean that you need to serve them crap on a plate. Fifteen is a large group, but there are real restaurants around who can accommodate while adding to the girls' adventure and not insulting their taste buds, especially since they're planning early. Even if there are picky eaters in the group, there are lots of safe Americanized Chinese and Indian dishes for them to enjoy while the rest of the group gets to eat something not crappy.

                      The last paragraph, however, is good advice. The joint will be jumping that weekend. Please take your girls out for good food, there's so much of it here in Boston that it would be a shame not to.

                  2. How about tapas? There's something for everyone and most places can accommodate a group that size, especially if you call in advance and are willing to eat a little early. Dali, in Somerville, might be a good choice for you.

                    1. As much as i hate the places, i think fire and ice or hard rock are great ideas. We are talking about a large group of hungry teens, away from home. It isnt about impressing the coach or other chaperones with great food, its about feeding a bunch of teens and making sure they all can eat and enjoy something. I know several adults in their 30s and 40s who will not eat anything from thai, chinese, japanese restaurants. I mean nothing at ANY of them, no matter how americanized. Im talking nothing but a bowl of white steamed rice. I dont understand it, but its not so uncommon as you may think. You can be sure that no kid will complain to their parents that "we had to eat at the hard rock cafe" The foodie familes will just be happy it wasnt mcds. But if a kid goes hungry cause they dont like anything at a chinese restaurant or tapas then you will likely hear complaints.

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                        Why begrudge them something you can't get in Nashua?

                        In addition to both of those places most likely being slammed that weekend, there's nothing wrong with pushing the boundaries just a tad.

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                          im confused, what does Nashua have to do with anything???

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                            Nothing special about [insert Anywhere, USA] in particular, I though Nashua would be a representative spot, but you can get most of the PF Chang/Hard Rock stuff up there. It's a trip to the city, make the meal fun and memorable.

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                              The Team is coming from Toledo, Ohio, not Nashua

                              I would prefer something local so the kids can get a taste of Boston.

                              Thanks keep the ideas coming, this is great!!! I'm checking out the Restaurants web sites and hope to make reservations by early next week.

                              Maybe throw in some place for the parents (not as a group) to try while the team is at dinner.

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                                Since you want local, Durgin Park offers group reservations and function room facilities, so it sounds like they could accommodate your group. It might be fun for the kids, and it's definitely different from Toledo.

                                Another potential idea is Jacob Wirth, in the theater district. The food is decent, and I'm sure it will be ok with most picky eaters. Plus, the place does have atmosphere


                                One final idea, Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge. It's a fun place, with a great vibe. It says on their website to call them regarding large parties, so they might be able to accommodate you.


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                                  If you want a taste of Boston- what about Durgin Park in Quincy Market? Can't get much more old fashioned that that. Or give them all $20 each and let them loose in the food court of the market with instructions to join up together later. It's really tourist-y there, but I bet teens would love it. Plenty of places for adult drinks if the parents are able to get away...

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                                    You might consider the Summer Shack at Fresh Pond. It's owned by New England chef icon Jasper White and I think teenagers would love it. It's seafood and yankee.. The picky eaters could have a corn dogs.

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                                      Absolutely the right call. Your girls can eat at chain restaurants at home, get them something special while they're here. Summer Shack is a pretty good idea although a bit of a drive (say 20 minutes or a little more) from your hotel, I think.

                                      On the Cambridge side of the river where all the teams are set up and where your hotel is (Somerville is the next town over from Cambridge), I'd suggest for the parents:

                                      Fancy and moderately expensive, very roughly in the order of our preference (though we love all of these):
                                      o Oleana - Mediterranean influenced deliciousness
                                      o Central Kitchen - great modern American in a cozy bar; good drinks
                                      o Gargoyle's - modern
                                      o EVOO - local and seasonal; great service
                                      o East Coast Grill - seafood and BBQ; great drinks; loud but fun; apps and specials often better than menu mains
                                      o West Side Lounge - great cooking and great drinks; can be loud

                                      Less expensive but still delicious
                                      o Cafe Baraka - North African; great friendly service, "cozy" (i.e. small)
                                      o Cambridge One - Modern pizza; try the mashed potato pizza, really - not too far from the river in Harvard Square
                                      o Kebab Factory - our current go-to for Indian
                                      o Dolphin Seafood - solid and reasonably priced; no ambiance
                                      o Lots of Portuguese and Brazilian on Cambridge St. outside of Inman Square; I'm no expert there
                                      o Darwin's Ltd. - yummy sandwiches, the attitude is the ambiance - also not too far from the river just outside Harvard square

                                      For race day snacks, there is a Trader Joe's right on the river (748 Memorial Drive) about half way down the course, near where they station many of the teams, and all the restaurants in Harvard Square are within easy walking distance of the river a little farther upstream. If you have time, it sure beats most of the carnival food available along the river itself.

                                      Have fun eating (and rowing) in Boston!

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                                        While recommending pizza in Beantown is sure to invite controversy, if you wander around Harvard Sq make sure to get the girls a slice at Pinocchio's: http://www.pinocchiospizza.net/ - classic drip-down-your-arm East Coast 'za.

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                                          I'm somewhat qualified to respond to this thread, as the parent of a 9th grader. While I agree with its detractors, my daughter and her friends LOVE Fire and Ice. They went there as part of their 7th and 8th grade band trip; I would say it was probably a group of 50+. I was not present, but I'm told all went well. They're good about accommodating vegetarians and allergies as well. This year, she and a friend went to the new Hard Rock Cafe near Quincy Market for her birthday. It's quite large inside; as others have said, people don't really go there for the food, but it isn't awful either, and the memorabilia is fun to look at. The area would be fun for them. I also think Durgin Park and Summer Shack are great suggestions- she loves both, and they both would give you some local flavor and a fun atmosphere. For all of these, you could look at menus on-line. Have fun; I hope the weather is good that weekend.