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Sep 15, 2007 03:48 PM

Best Gumbo in the Quarter? Fried Chicken?

We are headed to NOLA the first weekend in October and I am looking for a good bowl of gumbo. Any suggextions?

Also how about Fried Chicken in the quarter?

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  1. The Gumbo Shop on St. Peter's has wonderful gumbo. I particularly like their chicken/andouille combined with a shrimp remoulade salad. Fiorella's on Decatur has enjoyed a good reputation for its fried chicken. However, I believe a change in ownership has resulted in mixed reviews.

    1. Second on the Gumbo shop... always enjoy the gumbo and the different variations of it... good stuff! I've been to Fiorella's recently and found the fried chicken to be up to post owner quality... the changeover had some bumps, but I think they are worked out.

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        I was wondering if it was still good. We ate at the Gumbo Shop back in 2003 and really enjoyed it. I had seen some negative posts - "too touristy". Good news about Fiorella's, I have been wanting try it.