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Sep 15, 2007 03:39 PM

Can anyone recommend a great place for Brunch in TO


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  1. Diner-style:
    Daybreak (Church & Carlton)


    1. Marc Thuet is a great place for Sunday brunch. Get there early, there is no reservations. The Eggs en Cocotte with seared Foie Gras is fantastic

      1. In downtown some of my better choices for brunch:
        Saving Grace on Dundas west of Euclid,
        Czehoski if you can handle the sometimes crummy service on Queen west of Bathurst,
        Niagara St Cafe on Niagara at Wellington,
        Atelier Thuet in Liberty Village,
        Beaver Cafe on Queen west of Ossington
        Le Select on Wellington at Spadina

        also good/pleasant:
        Niche Cafe, Queen west of Bathurst,
        Swan, Queen at Crawford
        Bar One, if you can handle the sometimes crummy service, Queen at Shaw
        Musa at Dundas and Euclid

        Brassaii, King and Spadina, if only the portions weren't so small....
        Drake on Queen is sometimes good, sometimes boring but always overrated

        Standard stuff to nothing special:
        Foggy Dew on King
        Olde York on Wellington at Niagara
        Shanghai Cowgirl on Queen and Bathurst (the waitresses are amusingly grumpy)
        Mimi's on Bathurst at Queen (a little too home cooked for me)

        Places i wouldn't repeat:
        Butler's Pantry and Portobello Market on Queen,
        Sugar on Queen at Shaw (also overrated)
        Johny Banana, Bathurst at Queen, others like it but after 3 tries i'm still not sold.
        Fresh at Queen at Crawford (the spelt pancakes were good but scramble tofu isn't my thing so i find the menu small)
        Cora's at Wellington and at Steeles
        Eggspectations Eaton Centre (better in Montreal, awful in TO)
        Overeasy on Bloor

        Haven't been but want to try: Prague Deli, Fressen, Zoe's (since i like their sandwiches) Beaconsfield though they open only at noon...

        And Dim sum in Chinatown is almost always fun

        1. The Gallery Grill at Hart House (U. of Toronto) is on my list to try for Sunday Brunch.

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