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Sep 15, 2007 02:27 PM

Blaue Gans, Peasant, others - Birthday dinner

I am having the hardest time choosing a birthday dinner location for my husband and I.

I had narrowed it to Little Owl, but couldn't get a reservation before 10pm.

We are looking for a wednesday night, someplace that takes reservation, no sushi any other cuisine ok, not too trendy. Not on the upper west side but anywhere else in manhattan is fine.

I had Fleur de Sel and Annisa on my list - but they both were more then what I wanted to spend. So maybe that is a help with the price range. Little Owl had everything we were thinking.

I am more interested in great quality food then I am about the "buzz" about a place.

So, right now Blaue Gans and Peasant are on the list - any other recommendations or suggestions about these two?

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  1. You can't go wrong w/the food at Blaue Gans or at Peasant. I'm not sure if you're looking for more of a Little Owl-like intimate setting b/c both BG and Peasant are big open restaurants. If you're looking for more intimate, Apizz and Orchard are in the same restaurant family as Peasant but are smaller and have a more romantic feel.

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      Thanks! I was thinking of the smaller more romantic feel, so I will look into Apizz and Orchard.

    2. Blau Gans i recommend the suckling pig it's great. Lots of good beer there too. How about the Aqua Grill for seafood, or ennio and Michael for Italian food.

      1. Interesting. I've had mediocre experiences at Fleur de Sel, Annisa and Blaue Gans.

        I liked the food at Peasant though, and agree with other posters that The Orchard is more quiet and/or romantic. But the price tag attached to it is a bit exhorbitant and service was wretched. Peasant is bustling with a fairly annoying crowd (and some strange staff).

        You might be better off at a tried and true place like The Red Cat (though it too can be a bit on the loud side)

        1. I really liked Bellavita (or Bellavitae) in the village - Tuscan like Italian - small restaurant and alot of sharing which would be nice for your husband's birthday.