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Sep 15, 2007 01:45 PM

Maggiano's Tonight- What to order?

Going with the family style for my dad's bday. What should we order- 2 salads, 2 apps, pastas, 2 entrees, 2 desserts.

This is what I was thinking- Calamari and Fried Zucchini for apps, Chicken and Spinach Manicotti and Gnocchi for pasta, Chicken Saltimbocca and Chicken Parmigiana for entrees, Profiteroles and Tiramisu for dessert. Other interesting menu items are the lasagna, rigationi D, Stuffed Fontina Chicken, Italian pot Roast, and the Chocolate Zuccotto Cake. Please give some reccs!

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  1. stuffed mushrooms, calamari, veal & mushroom raviolis, Rigatoni D, Italian Pot Roast, Stuffed chicken fontina, profiteroles with chocolate sauce, Apple Crisp.

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      Thanks for the recs! We wound up going with the Caesar and Maggiano's Salad for the salads which were both great, especially the dressing for the Maggiano's Salad. For appies we got the calamari (awesome) and the pizza (okay). For the pastas chicken and spinach manicotti was the standout of the meal and lasagna (would have been good but I don't like sausage). For the entrees stuffed chicken fontina and the filet mignon medallions (Great, perfectly cooked) were awesome. To cap it off we got the profiteroles and chocolate zuccotto cake which was really rich. Both were awesome and all in all this was one of the best meals I have ever had from a chain. Maggiano's is definitely going to get my business again.

    2. Don't know if they still have it but I would suggest you get the Trifle as one of the desserts, I think it would be a big hit with everyone after a big meal. Also, go with the Chicken Parm and then a non-chicken dish just for some variety.

      Have fun.

      1. For your next visit, the new beef braised canneloni is out of this world. Easily the best meal I've ever had at a chain (it's salty though, but I love salt).

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          Stuffed mushrooms, chopped salad (our favourite), salmon, cheesecake and CREME BRULEE.