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Sep 15, 2007 12:59 PM

alternative to Sripraphai?

we were hoping to go this weekend but i just read on the boards that it's closed for vacation this week. super disappointed. do we have any delicious thai alternatives in queens??

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  1. Chao Thai
    85-03 Whitney Ave (near Broadway), Elmhurst
    G,R,V to Elmhurst Av

    1. Arunee Thai on 79th St just off the the NW corner of Roosevelt Ave

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      1. re: Rocky2

        Gotta give a big second to Arunee (though granted since I've been going to Sri I haven't been back). It's really spicy while still maintaining some sense of flavor, very well balanced, easy on the wallet, and it's the real deal.

      2. Zabb Queens (especially for the 40 or so "salads", not for noodles), Roosevelt around 71st or so, and another thumbs-up for Chao Thai in Elmhurst.

        1. Chao Thai is great and I also like Shallot on Woodside and 78th. Have to disagree about Arunee. The few times I've been there, it was nothing special.

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            second on your chao thai thumbs up, and second on your arunee thumbs down too. Another alternative is My Thai in Elmhurst but that place is a bit overdone w/ the bamboo all over the place. given that chao thai is right nearby (and not always open), I'd rec that as a plan C. In fact, I'd make Chao Thai your plan A, Sri your plan B, and My Thai your plan C.

          2. Thanks for the good recommendations. We ended up walking over the Brooklyn Bridge into Chinatown. But we'll try some of these places in the near future.