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Sep 15, 2007 11:45 AM

Know anything about Japanese rest. on Hempstead Tpke. @ Hempstead/West Hempstead border?

Someone told me yesterday that this place is very good. I've always wondered about it. It looks like it's closed to me. And I've never known anyone who's eaten there.

It's on the right-hand side travelling west, just before wholesale liquidators. I don't even think it has a name, it's on a corner.

Any information out there?


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  1. my fiancees parents live about a half mile from there. They like to get take out from there so i have had their sushi maybe about ten times, i've eaten inside once or twice as well. On the grand scheme of LI sushi, i would say its right in the middle. We just considered it a good local place, but nothing special, fish seems fresh, rolls and sashimi were always good, just not spectular. Basically, don't go out of your way to go here, but if u live in the neighborhood it is fine. I much rather recommend Homura on willis ave which is either in Albertson or Williston Park or Kumo? i think that is the name, its the place in the Fairway shopping center.

    By the way the place has a name and it has a website, and you are right, it always looks closed. The name of the place and website is

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      I must tell you this is very interesting information, as I truly thought the place was abandoned. I too live half a mile from it and would like a quick go to place, as I don't love Sushiya in GC. I will check it out!

      My husband loves Kumo, we were there last night. It is scary loud though. Disturbingly so.

      I will have to check out Homura, I've never been.

      Teriyaki Tobigo in Floral Park/Bellerose is very good. I also like Shogi in Westbury, as I love Yuko the owner, she is a trip, she knows all her customers by name.

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        here is the newsday review for homura

        their website is

        the owners own a wholesale fish company out of Flushing. Everything i have had there has been top notch.