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Sep 15, 2007 11:35 AM

Edgar's Latin American Food - pupusas, empanadas and tamales

I just dropped into Edgar's on the Queensway at Royal York - I haven't been for a while but am going to a Mexican fritanga today and wanted to contribute some of those totally pupusas with some slaw and crema that come in fresh on Saturdays - alas, sold out! But we had a yummy empanada and bought some chorizo, crema and a few other goodies for my BIL who is from Mexico but can't get authentic ingredients in his neck of the woods.
I asked Edgar - who is such an authentically nice person too -- how business is. He said cheerfully that it was pretty good but admiited it's hard to get the latin american market shoppers to change their patterns and routines - but that it is coming slowly. So if you've been craving anything latin american (food, that is) you need to visit Edgar's - I really want to see this great little location last and thrive - Saturdays are the day for fresh pupusas, empanadas and I believe tamales that are sold frozen the rest of the week. Also Latin American sweets, condiments and dry goods.

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  1. I just dropped by Edgar's to get some Oaxacan cheese, and discovered that he is now making fresh empanadas in house - he gave me one to try, and after tasting it, I promptly bought all the remaining empanadas he had. I tried the beef empanada, and it was delicious; meaty, slightly sweet, moist, with chopped egg, perfectly seasoned, with a hint of nutmeg. Honestly one of the best empanadas I've ever had. He also apparently makes a spinach and cheese, a ham and cheese (with ricotta & parmigiano), and a chicken chipotle empanada. He only makes small batches, though, so they are always fresh. I can't wait to try them all!

    639 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Y, CA

    1. i found this place after visiting a colombian restaurant in South Beach, i HAD to have corn arepas...and this place had them and so much more!! they are both super nice people to top it off. highly recommended!!