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Sep 15, 2007 10:42 AM

Best Lunch Near 37th Ave and 21st St, QNS?

I have to get my car fixed on Monday and I'd love to use it as an excuse to get some good food in Queens. Any or all cuisines welcome. What's a good place within walking distance of the shop? thanks

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  1. Let me clairfy: Monday lunch.
    I know that lots of places are dark that day.

    1. Bulgara's, on 37th avenue going towards the East River. Maybe five or six short city blocks from 21st Street.

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        What type of food is Bulgara's? Bulgarian?

        1. re: Rocky2

          Here's Sietsema's review of that place. I've wanted to try it... but is it open for lunch?

          1. I haven't been there yet but it comes recommended.

            Five Star Punjabi (Indian)
            13-15 43rd Avenue (corner of 21 St.)