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Sep 15, 2007 10:15 AM

Albuquerque lunch, easy on/off

Monday, 9/17 is a driving day to a 2 day job in NE Arizona, will be passing through Alb. from East to West on I-40 right about noon. Not sure I can afford a lot of time to go far from the interstate, but I want a good meal. I'm up for any cuisine, any price, but I'll be in very casual attire. Any suggestions?

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  1. Casual is not a problem in ABQ, particularly at lunch.

    Seasons is just S of the freeway off Rio Grande in Old Town (turn L on Mountain, it'll be on your left back in a plaza shortly after the turn) and has good food. Yuppie grill stuff, lawyers, judges, etc.

    Pars Cuisine will require you to take a short N-ward jaunt on I-25 to the Jefferson exit, then go to the W side of the freeway and go N into the office plaza (you'll see it over by the frontage road). Good Persian food, mixed crowd.

    Mary & Tito's Cafe is just N of the freeway on 4th street (just N of Menaul, on the W side of the street); get off on 6th and go N. Inexpensive, arguably the best red chile and carne adovada available for retail purchase nowadays. Very casual.

    Just a few ideas. I'm sure if I thought about it, I'd come up with more. Have a good trip on Monday.