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Sep 15, 2007 10:08 AM

Can't get in to Union or Pops tonight...

Any suggestions on a good back-up? Was so bummed because the monk fish on Union's September prefixe is AMAZING!

Wanted to head to Beehive after din for a bit too. How's the line situation been there? Given the rain, not really inot waiting outside.

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  1. I guess the summer lull is over in the South End. You might be looking at fallout from parent's weekends and an early-ending (7-8ish) Sox/Yankees game, too.

    The Beehive continues to have long lines on weekend nights. Small parties can still get dinner reservations at decent times (mostly earlier), though I think the food is pretty bad, and not cheap, either.

    For alternatives to Union, look at places like Tremont 647, Masa, Coda, or J.J. Foley's (just a bar, I know, but above-average food for its kind of place). You might also walk in to places like Pops and Metropolis if you don't mind counter seating. While I'm not crazy about Mela (just okay Indian with a South End premium on prices), it's a pretty easy table these days. Forget about the newer hotspots like Gaslight: they're four deep at the bar there on weeknights at the moment.

    Some Back Bay alternatives: Domani. where I think the food has much improved lately (maybe Michelena is paying more attention); Laurel (always solid, if not mind-blowing, and they have good drinks and cheap prices).

    On the Hill, consider Lala Rokh (fancy atmosphere, strong service, lovely Persian food at upscale prices).

    Oh, and I agree: Union's prix-fixe monkfish dish is very nice!

    1. why cant you get in? I am willing that both places have open table/seats at the bar for walk ins, especially if you go early or late. As for Beehive, the crowd seems lame on the weekends (but i guess its all subjective) and the line has been long, but seems to move fast. I was there earlier in the week and it was dead and the band was making me fall asleep.

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        Believe this weekend is South End Open Studios so there will be a lot of people in the area.

      2. If you're looking to stay in the South End, I'd put your name in at B&G and have a drink across the street @ the Butcher Shop. It looks like the weather is going to clear so you could also walk around the neighborhood and see who could take you. Despite what a lot of people say, things open up spontaneously all the time. Again, if you're looking to stay in the South End my recommendations(in order) are;

        - B&G
        - Butcher Shop
        - Toro
        - Oishi
        - Sage
        - Gaslight
        - Franklin
        - Petite Robert
        - Anchovies
        - Pho name a few. If you give us more detail, (# in party, what you're looking for...etc.), you'll get very specific advice.

        The line and crowd at Beehive sucks on weekends.