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Sep 15, 2007 09:28 AM

Best of Highway 7 Chinese

I've heard about the GREAT Chinese food available along highway 7. And am finally going to make the trek out to hwy 7 with a group of friends next week! So hounds, what are the BEST spots in the area? Yes, I have searched the boards, but I'd like current recs. Looking forward to it! Thanks!!!

For reference: Downtown I like New Sky and Lai Wah Heen. And any style Chinese is welcome!

Lai Wah Heen
108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON M5G 1R3, CA

New Sky
353 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G3, CA

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  1. Looks like you are looking for high-end as you like LWH, some recommendation :

    Regal 16
    Ask for the $85/per person set menu with 4 items (it is in a special chinese set menu which include many dinner sets)
    - Top graded shark fin (jinshan hooked shark fin)
    - Japanese abalone and sea cumumber
    - one main dish selected from a list of like 30, can order a bowl of rice on the side to eat with it.
    - dessert.

    The $63 menu is also great, but does not include the abalone, it comes with the stuffed crab.
    There are other even more expensive top-graded shark fin with different ways of making it in their regular menu. With the same item, you have to pay at least double to eat at LWH.

    Another popular choice is Omei for seafood (only), just order the lobster in 4 ways (need a lobster at least 6-7 lbs, which is enough to share with a table of 5).
    Or a bigger one if you have more people. If you have less people in your party, it cannot be done in 4 ways as the lobster you order may not be as big. Then, order the french turbot (if you have at least 5 people in your party).

    There are many more choices on hwy 7(expensive and inexpensive), but these 2 are my favourites at this moment.

    Regal 16
    1 Spadina Rd
    Richmond Hill, ON
    (905) 737-9921

    420 Hwy 7 East
    Richmond Hill, ON
    (905) 881-8188

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    1. re: skylineR33

      Agree with SkylineR33 recs., However, I would also add ' TanChiKee' for good 'Wok-Hay' stirred fry dishes!!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Ding Tai Fung is my fave up there. In fact we're going tomorrow. Most love it, some don't, but it can't be beat IMO for dim sum. It can be inconsistant, but in the range of really amazing, to pretty good. Never had a bad meal there.

        Highlights include: Sticky Rice and Pork Dumplings, Mini pork dumplings, an amazing yet sometimes inconsistant green onion pancake, shanghi style spring rolls, and a killer hot and sour soup.

    2. Both restos you like in downtown serve mainly Cantonese style Chinese food. Same for Regal 16 & Omei.
      However, Ding Tai Fung serves Shanghainese style Chinese food & the menu is different.

      1. Coincidentally, both my recommendations are named Full House. Both have been rec'd before, but I'll do it again.

        Full House Restaurant
        328 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill
        (905) 882-1388

        I just actually had dinner here yesterday night. Probably the best fried pigeons in Toronto. Juicy, succulent, savoury with dark golden brown skin, absolutely unmissable, but I'm fairly sure it requires a pre-order. Stir-fried lobster is tender and flavourful, but be sure to ask for it simply done with ginger and green onion. Very acceptable shark's fin and abalone,. Also good dim sum in the mornings that used to be better to the point of excellent, but the quality has really fallen in this past year.

        Full House Desserts
        9425 Leslie St, Richmond Hill

        This Full House specialises in Chinese desserts, if you're still up for a post-prandial. Their signature Full House sago is a creamy mango soup with bits of pomelo, chunks of mango, and sago. Equally good, if you're daring, is their durian pancake. It borders on the trashy side with a bright yellow pancake encasing only whipped cream and the ultra-creamy durian, but it somehow seduces you into eating durian if you've never tried it. It's actually located inside the mall on the west end.

        I'll second Ding Tai Fung for their xiao long bao (pork soup dumplings) and their gau choy gow (garlic chive dumplings). The latter is a far superior, plumper, and juicier cousin to the gau choy gow typically offered at dim sum, as it bursts with garlic chives. And as for their xiao long bao, it's a pretty good version of it. The place is a good deal more casual than LWH and sometimes the wait for a table (especially for large parties) can be taxing, since you're just asked to take a number and wait. (Plus, it's in First Markham Place, so parking will be a nightmare, particularly on weekends.)

        1. Agree with all recs so far, and also add Peaktop for their roast BBQ young pig (yuu juu) if you come on a weekend (best time around 6:30pm according to another CH'er). You can get a small amount for takeout tasting... amazingly thin crunchy skin. Good luck trying to find parking in that mall. :)

          1. Thanks for the recs so far! In mentioning LWH I didnt mean to say we were only looking for pricey spots... I've just heard a lot about hwy7 so I wanted to find a very tasty first meal out there.

            Ace's review of Omei sounded pretty good (at least for seafood).

            We are certainly open to non cantonese menus. But I dont think we were looking for dim sum (cause then wed just head over to LWH, as I doubt it could be bested).