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Sep 15, 2007 09:19 AM

Where art thou kokanee?

Anyone know where you can find at least a 12 pack of Kokanee. Its a Canadian beer that i had on a trip to Canada and am eager to find. But nobody seems to carry it. Thanks alot

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  1. A lot of the better wine and liquor stores will special order anything for you as long as you buy it. Which neighborhood are you in?

    1. sorry, but you won't find it. Kokanee does not export their beer. I worked in Canada for 2 years and it is great beer, when i returned to the US i was told by several liquor stores that i was out of luck. I wish i could have given you better news.

      1. I am more in the Riverside area but i travel to LA alot so i was just wondering if there was a place i might stop buy and hopefully get some beer. But if what sparks says is true then i guess the dream is lost.

        1. Well, it's definitely exported into the U.S. I just came back from my home state of Washington, where I enjoyed some Kokanee last week. They even have it at Costco there. I don't know how far it gets, but the idea that they don't export it out of Canada is plainly false.

          1. The original comment has been removed