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Sep 15, 2007 09:16 AM

Best Sunday Farmer's Market for breakfast?

Tomorrow we're taking our weekend guest to a farmer's market to rove and get some brekkers. I was thinking either Studio City or Hollywood. maybe encino. Of those three, which will be best? I live in the SFV, so if a local one is good, I'd prefer to got here.

I'm thinking a little fruit, some cheese, some good baked goods, maybe a sweet tamale or a good crepe, coffee, that kinda thing. Then again, an ethnic odd kind of breakfast can be good, too!

Studio City and Encino have a few tables, does Hollywood?

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  1. if you are near the red line it is just a few stops away to the hollywood and Vine stop for the farmers market and there are about a dozen food vendors there with Thai Jamaican Mexican, greek Korean and so forth. Dommy recommends the Thai Place with the Coconut fritters and the Papusa Lady there. this is in addition to the regular farmers stands. Plus places like Hungry Cat and Skooby's are around the corner. The Sunday Hollywood is slightly smaller than the Wed Santa Monica but I like the Vibe better.

    Take Care and have Fun

    - P.

    1. I haven't been neither Studio City's or Encino's FMs but like P. says, the Sunday Hollywood FM is a fun place for food. Hollywood is pretty eclectic in so many ways, and the FM reflects that. There's lots of produce stands as well as some pretty nice crafts and some of the not-so-crafty items as well. Musicians of varying types perform to add a little salt & pepper to the mix. But the food stands there offer some tasty dishes and morsels that one cannot help but be drawn to.

      The Thai food stand has pretty decent Thai dishes, especially the satays, but like P. says, the coconut fritters - I think he is referring to the takoyaki-shaped delectables which name I can never remember - are what alot of people line up for. The fried bananas (and pumpkin when available) are tasty too.

      The Korean stand right next to the Thai stall is quite good as well - maybe a little pulled back on the chile for a broader appeal - and they do sell kim chi in jars as well.

      The pupusa stand is really good - probably the most popular as the lines can easily get 20-deep. I'm guessing you can get at least a dozen variations of pupusas here and each that I've tried are really good.

      There's a stand just a few stalls away from the Pupusa Lady that sells pretty good to great pastries. I think the name is LA Bakery or something like that - it's the FM manager's favorite breakfast stop. I only found this out because she was in line behind me talking about how much she loved their pastries and broke a $20 for me when the stand ran out of change.

      The aebleskiver stand smells great but I haven't tried it. I've heard folks criticize the stand for having aebleskivers that are mediocre at best. There's too much to choose from to settle for mediocre, but I can only give you second-hand info on them.

      There's a section of tables adjacent to the food stalls - they fill up fast as people will eat alot of the produce purchased from the stalls then and there to go with other things that have been purchased at the FM.

      At worst, you'll find really good selections of produce and artisan foods but I have a feeling you'll like the experience there. And again, like P. says, there's lots of other food options in that part of town just outside of the FM.

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        I'm always at the aebleskiver stand because I like their watermelon lemonade the best.

        I also get birria tacos at the mexican spot next to the pupusa spot.

        I also like the breakfast burritos at the spot across from the vegan soul food place.

        My plan tomorrow is to hit up the Hollywood FM for some tomatoes, then head a block over to Big Wangs for some football.

        There are tables near the Korean stall, as well as one hidden behind the crepe stall. A lot of people just sit on the curb, especially the shaded curb next to Bed Bath and Beyond.

        Thankfully it's not scorching 100 degrees anymore -- I remember one of the lemonade stands ran out of ice during that heat wave.

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          I didn't realize this until I went to the still-fledgling farmers market at the Howard Hughes Center off the 405 in Westchester... the Pupusa Lady has branched out to alot of farmers markets throughout the LA basin. I found this out through the pupusa stand here today. The signage was identical to the one at the Hollywood FM - the daughter was grilling up only two versions of pupusas today - chicken & cheese, and pork & cheese - the daughter is as capable as her mom - just not nearly as many varieties as the Hollywood stand. Talking witht the daughter, it sounds like their pupusa stands are hitting more and more FMs where they are at one to three FMs almost every day... but the Hollywood FM is still their main deal.

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            Yeah! I noticed them there too!! Too dangerous and close form me now! :)


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              someone also deos pupusas and more at Encino

        2. Hollywood, then Studio City and Encino in that order. I do not get the Encino one at all as there really is not much there.

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          1. re: carter

            I haven't been to Encino but since Hollywood is about twice as big as Studio City, I'd say Carter's order must be right, at least as far as size goes. Hollywood isn't as squeaky clean as Studio City but there's much more to choose from across the board and it feels more like attending an event. A destination.

            Also, specific to the sweet tamales, Hollywood always has the Corn Maiden booth set up on the east end of the Selma strip. I don't recall seeing them at Studio City (though I could be wrong) and they’re my primary reason for attending Hollywood.

            1. re: wutzizname

              They are at SC -- or they were when last I went... and the parking is less insane than Hollywood (though if you take the red line it's not a problem, obviously) and you have the Artisan Cheese Gallery right next to the FM.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                It's true, if you want to picnic on the lawn and eat good cheese from the Gallery then SC may be the call.

                If you want a larger event with adjacent sightseeing, go HWD.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  mmmmmm... Artisan! I got some great butter last time I was there-the real thing!

            2. Hollywood FM. Get there early, park on the street. That little parking lot is a mess getting in and out. Go for the pupusas, stay for the veggies and fruit. The veggie pupusas are awesome. Anthony Bourdain signed his books last year right there on the street. It was cool to watch him strolling along the stands, having a cig, taking it all in, stopping for pictures with anyone who asked, very friendly. That FM is one of my favorites. Don't forget to check out the other vendors, some nice bargains can be had.

              1. Also, adjacent to the Hollywood Farmer's Market, there are three coffeehouses on Cahuenga (including two right at the western edge, where the crafts vendors are) if you prefer to escape the hustle and bustle.

                The whole market is shaped like a cross. Going north/south on Ivar are the farmers' stands, going east/west on Selma are the food vendors.