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Sep 15, 2007 09:00 AM

Chocolate Chip Cookie Craving

Okay, many posts on this topic before, but I am having a chocolate chip cookie craving emergency! I am looking for the ones that are slightly crunchy on the edges and gooey soft in the middle. I prefer semi-sweet chips or dark. Could be with walnuts. I haven't had a good one since the eating some from Deluscious Cookies and Milk ( which only delivers. I want to go out and get them today!
Anyone been "wowed" lately?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I am always wowed by the cookies at Leda's Bake Shop. I have had all the "good" cookies in LA, and Leda's are my favorite behind my husband's home made. Her other cookies are good, too. Plus, she's very free with the samples! I also love her lemon bars, blondies, brownies, scones, cupcakes and cakes. She even has a vegan line!

      1. Thanks everyone so far! :) I should have said that I didn't want to make myself, although the recipe you suggested maisonbistro looked awesome!

        1. Honestly, COSTCO has stellar chocolate chip cookies that taste amazing if you nuke 'em in the microwave for 15 seconds or so until the chocolate gets just shiny and gooey.

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          1. re: Emme

            I like them in the toaster oven for about a minute... the wait is a little longer but I think it's worth it.

            Trader Joe's has some in those in the brown bags with the foldable top. Not the vegan stuff but the regular ones are also good nuked or in the toaster.

            1. re: bulavinaka

              The TJ cookies are very good indeed. They taste practically homemade. I make ice cream sandwiches with them for informal dinner parties or bbq dessert or when alone and in a certain mood, I'll have one for dinner.

          2. Ditty Reese in Westwood...but they must be eaten within 5 seconds of purchase!

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              1. re: Diana

                Try again

                Diddy Riese Cookies
                926 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

                1. re: Professor Salt

                  Any way you spell them...Y-U-M!
                  Thanks, Diana and Professor Salt for catching that! I really do try to be accurate about such things...but just the thought of a Diddy Riese chocolate chip cookie made my eyes water so that I no longer could see what I was typing...

                  1. re: liu

                    I am a big Diddy Riese fan, and have repeatedly suggested to the owner that he institute a cookie car service to those potential patrons during the evening circling the block hoping for parking. I actually like my choc chip cookies (no nuts, thank you) a bit crisper, which is achieved with a short time in the 'fridge.

                    1. re: nosh

                      Actually, I think this is precisely why their cookies are so good. After spending an hour trying to park, anything would be great!!! It's part of the whole experience, don't you think?!!

                      Nosh -- I think your car service idea is an ingenious one...or perhaps they could "obtain" the parking lot on the corner. Diddy Riese with a parking gives a whole new definition to this amazing cookie shop!