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Sep 15, 2007 08:53 AM

Brunch menu ideas for pescatarian?

So, eggs and dairy are OK (thank god!) and so are shellfish and finfish - but NO SAUSAGE OR BACON!! Every shrimp recipe I have calls for bacon.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I find that using a bit (really, a bit) of Spanish smoked paprika - mild or hot, as you wish - gives that smokiness without having to add bacon (it also makes dishes much lower in fat - a plus!).

    Also, you can make nice turkey sausage patties (if your guests will eat poultry) - the recipe on the American Heart Association's website is great and has become a staple in our house.

    Another possibility is having smoked salmon or other fish as an accompaniement - works particularly well with egg dishes that also contain apples, or a lemon souflfé.


    1. tuna quiche
      bagels lox and cream cheese
      lox omelets
      veggie quiche
      omelets with crab, avocado, and havarti cheese
      eggs oscar
      crab cakes benedict

      oh great, now I'm hungry. ;)

      1. A pescatarian take on eggs Benedict--an english muffin topped with smoked salmon, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. Who needs bacon to be decadent?

        1. Never made it but had a great dish while in GA on vacation that was essentially an open faced omelet (i bet it would work with a frittata too) of mainly egg white with spinach, tomatoes, and shrimp with boursin cheese on top. it was VERY yummy. served with grits because it was the south. i ordered it like three mornings! with some fresh fruit and scones it would be a killer brunch but not too hard. could add mushrooms or asparagus i bet too. and some fresh chopped herbs (maybe just parsley since the boursin is so intense) either on top or inside if you do a frittata.

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            have this in a cookbook and it looks good. while i've never made it - ina is solid. there are suggestions for serving at the bottom but i think it'd be nice with bloody marys, mimosas, bagels with cream cheese choices (veggie, fruit, herb, plain), and fruit...

          2. Try seafood vol-au-vents. You can buy the shells ready-made or make them yourself from storebought puff pastry. If it's a buffet, serve the filling beside the shells so they don't get soggy. (You could also make a purely veg filling with asparagus or mushrooms or whatever else you like.)