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Sep 15, 2007 08:34 AM

Where to buy duck in Calgary?

I know I can get frozen utility grade (and whichever the less meaty variety is) whole ducks at Superstore and sometimes other chain groceries. Sunterra and Bon-Ton usually have packs of frozen duck breasts. Is there anywhere that regularly has fresh parts or whole ducks? Anywhere with legs, frozen or otherwise?

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  1. chinatown usually got good duck fresh or try rocky mountain game meat they carry 2 or 3 kinds of duck peking brome and mallard

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    1. re: careme

      The breed is pekin, derived from the mallard, the preparation is "peking"

    2. T&T Supermarket without a doubt.

      Same applies for rabbit - it's half the price there for the same product compared to the Farmers mkt, Bonton Meats etc etc

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      1. re: graemejw

        Thanks. Now if only there were somewhere vaguely convenient for someone who lives deep in the SW and works at the uni!

        Where's "Rocky Mountain Game Meat," or is it even a consumer outlet? My google fu is weak.

        1. re: ChrisA

          they have a consumer outlet they are close to the airport

      2. You want and organic and they have a stall at the Farmer''s Market in currie barracks. For something like fresh duck I'd call ahead 877.393.3133