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Sep 15, 2007 07:50 AM

Recommendation before show at Warner

I need a recommendation for Monday night before a Ben Harper show at the Warner Theatre. I will be going with a friend and we are young adults and we will be dressed up (i will have a jacket and my friend will have a dress on from work). There must be some choices of land animals (including duck) or a nice salmon. I was looking at TenPenh but I was hoping there would be perhaps a price point lower than TenPenh or Ceiba. If those are truly the best choices, we will go for it. It might be nice to have a pre-theatre menu at around the $30 price point but it wouldn't be a problem if they didn't offer it.

let me know what everyone thinks! Thanks!

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  1. Chef Geof's is right across from there and it's in your price point. It's ok not amazing.

    Not to far from there though is my favorite French bistro in DC, Bistro D'Oc. They have a nice salmon dish and a wonderful duck confit dish. Their hanger steak and roasted chicken is also very good. They might have a pre-theater menu but I'm not would have to call and check.

    Butterfield 9 is also nearby. I think they might have some sort of pre-theater/early bird menu. Really great food classically done.

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      Here was a review I posted somewhere else last week about Chef Geoff's. Bottom line - if you have other options, explore those first.


      Needing a place to have a < 1 hour meal with kids before a show at the Warner tonight, and not wanting to eat at the National Place food court, we decided to give Chef Geoff's a try.

      Meh. Not terrible, but nothing special.

      An appetizer of Fried Ipswitch Clams was actually quite good. Great tasting clams, and the batter was still hot and crispy when they arrived. However, it was a pretty measly portion size for $13 (filled a small martini glass) - probably half the size of the appetizer portion of the same dish at Legal Seafood a few blocks away, at roughly the same price.

      The Hummus Three Ways was boring. Tasteless regular hummus that needed garlic, oil, or ANY kind of seasoning, a spicy red pepper hummus that tasted only of crushed red pepper flakes, and an olive spread that was actually pretty tasty. The pita it was served with was excellent, though, warm and just a touch toasted.

      The kids had kid pasta and pizza. Both were happy, though neither looked to be anything special. I didn't try them.

      I had a grilled hangar steak with chimmichurri sauce, and a side of mashed potatoes. The hanger was very tasty, and though it came rare instead of the medium-rare I ordered, that's fine with me. The chimmichurri could have used a bit more kick, but the mashed potatoes were awful. Tasteless and gummy, they needed a whole lot of salt and pepper to even get a few bites down.

      My wife had the "Jumbo Shrimp and Very Gouda Grits w/Peppers and Tomatoes". The grits were great, with just enough Gouda to make you remember that it's there, without overpowering. The veggies and accompanying sauce were just sweet enough to engage with the grits and shrimp, and very plentiful. The half-dozen large shrimp, were, unfortunately, mostly devoid of taste.

      Prices aren't low, so I certainly wouldn't put in a regular rotation, but if I were dragged there, I'd find something to eat. Total for 2 apps, 2 entrees, 2 kid meals, and 4 soft drinks was $90 before tax and tip. I've had far better meals for far less money, even downtown.

      1. re: DanielK

        DanielK, what would you recommend them that is far better for far less money?

        i think it would be fun to do small plates. Perhaps when we got to a place, happy hour might still be going on. i haven't seen this friend in 5 years so we have a lot of catching up to do. the fun of small plates would be nice. 2 or 3 each and still get out of there at around $25 pp?

        1. re: daves_32

          Bistro d'Oc is a good rec and they do have a pre-theater menu. If you are looking for small plates, Jaleo and Zaytina are not far walks at all...less than 1/2 mile.

          1. re: JoshInDC

            Jaleo isn't to far. You can either take the metro or walk. That would be my recommendation (compared to Zaytinya which I'm not in love with). Those 2 places are really the only small plates restaurants.

            Now if you are taking the metro and don't mind taking a short trip from Gallery Place/Chinatown stop to Metro Center to go to the theater I would also recommend PS7's which has wonderful small plateish appetizers in the their lounge during happy hour for cheap prices. I personally love the tuna tartar sliders...but their entire lounge menu is delicious (from what I've had).