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Sep 15, 2007 07:40 AM

Wild Wood Art Cafe & Bakery

Has anyone eaten at this restaurant? The website only shows their bakery products. Insite Austin has them listed in the vegetarian section, although the note indicates they also serve meat dishes. I'll probably try it (I'm vegetarian) but wondered if anyone has already been there. It's on Bee Cave Rd. near Westbank.

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  1. Wild Wood is a must stop if I'm anywhere near Barton Creek Maul. I'm not vegetarian, I'm Gluten Free. They have developed may GOOD GF dishes/pastries. They do indeed have many vegetarian options as well. It's kind of a funky atmosphere because it's attached to some Central American Folk Art shop but it's not bad.

    Check it out and let us know what you think. I bet you'll like it. FYI, you can skip going down Bee Caves and get there the back way by going down 360 and turning on the street that Westlake High School is on. I can't remember the name.

    1. I've eaten there a few times. The veggie delite sandwich was unremarkable, especially at 6.55 (i.e. go to thundercloud up the road). The grilled tofu sandwich was the same (I miss Mother's!) and overpriced imho for a piece of tofu. Usually the vegan ding dongs are yummy but last time I bought a few at once and all of them were bone dry. I choked down a few bites and threw the rest away. They are a couple dollars each I think. On a good note, their salsa is tasty and there are a few tables outside (which is good if you're stuck in a cubbie hole all day).

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        Thanks. After I asked, I received a notice that the Vegetarian Society is eating there next month. I may try to go but it doesn't sound like it's worth going out of the way for. I too miss Mothers and hope they get back up soon.

        1. re: lobolady

          I miss it too. I really am curious about the new vegetarian/vegan cafe that opened on Oltorf, which had a pretty good write-up in the Chronicle. Sounds like it's mostly all organic and local produce w/ lots of gluten free stuff too. Has anyone tried this?

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            I like the spinach/mushroom enchiladas at Wild Wood - and they come with a side salad so it's one of the better deals (include black beans and rice on the plate). I also like the ravioli (vegetarian) which also includes a side salad - they have veggie sloppy joes and other items too. It's not gourmet food but it's all pretty good compared to some places. The place on Oltorf just looks a little scary to me - it's that trailer based place with only outdoor seating right?

            1. re: organicfoodlover

              I've worked in enough restaurants to know that while it's a trailer they're cookin' in, it's probably no reflection of how good the food is. Think of it as an organic food stand (surely, you've eaten at the taco stands, right?)... I'll try it soon and give a report.

              BTW, I've worked in enough restaurants all over the South- v. high end to low, low end- and the kitchen is no reflection of the price or locale!

      2. I really enjoy Wildwood. I have not only had their cakes and pastries but I ordered lasagna (wheat free/gluten free), salad/dressing, and tamales for 100+ people and they truly loved it. I will use them again soon.

        Also, I just went in the other day and the soup was really good and the pecan pie was wonderful. And it was NOT too sweet (the pie).

        I am going there Sat. for breakfast with a group and am truly looking forward to it.

        I am not a vegetarian either but truly enjoy most of the food there.

        I use to own a bakery and some days things didn't come out well, too dry, too sticky, burnt. There is a chemistry to baking and I know that it is even more of a problem with gluten free items. Much harder to bake with gluten free flours.

        So if you get something dry, under baked, etc. instead of throwing it away and feeling disappointed it would benefit both you and the restaurant to ask for something else !!! 99% of bakeries and restaurants will be glad you did.

        When a customer at my bakery brought something back we would give them another item or their money back. Then we could also decide, after tasting it ourselves, if we should pull the product off the shelf. Trust me you are doing them a service. If you are polite, they will be appreciative. They don't want to serve items that are not tasty. Bad for business, bad for the customer.

        If a manager reacts negatively to a polite comment or suggestion I wouldn't go there again. They just don't care enough about their food or customers. See if you can talk with the owner. Help save their business. Local business owners need your help.