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Sep 15, 2007 07:08 AM

SoBe, mission impossible - help!

I'm in north broward so I am clueless. We're trying to keep it moderately priced (entrees between $15-25) because there will be a big group of us (at least 11, possibly more).

They are from Holland and most are chicken, meat, and potato eaters, but I'm sure they'd be fine with Italian too, maybe.

We haven't seen these people in a year so we want to be able to converse and not shout above music or noisy acoustics - especially when dealing with Dutch accents LOL. We'd like to be comfortable, meaning not sitting in cafeteria style chairs or being rushed.

They're staying in Miami Beach around 24th and Collins only for a night before cruising, so we want to stay close to that area and sobe. Oh, and this will be on a Friday night.

Is this possible? TIA

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  1. This review was recently in New Times. It's on 26th St. of Collins and Dutch.

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    1. re: 2top

      thanks for that 2top...that sounds interesting...hope they make it here in this finicky place we call Miami. will definately keep it in mind.

    2. Liberty Steakhouse. Argentine eatery tucked away, a block in from Collins between 19-20th.

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      1. re: netmover

        Is this Parilla Liberty? On 1925 Liberty Ave?

        1. re: OysterHo

          That's the one...Parilla=Grill in Argentine. It's good, close and within your budget + it'll will give you the opportunity to converse, unless there's a big soccer game going on. And the Dutch love futbol too as I recall so that shouldn't be a problem either.

          Warning: skip the mashed potatoes...they are instant! Or at least they were the day I tried them.

          1. re: netmover

            Their provoletta rules though...

      2. OysterHo>

        If your friends are visiting during September, my first thought was Talula's Spice Menu (prix fixe $35 pp). Location is one block away - which is ideal for walking and parking too!

        210 23rd St.
        Miami Beach, FL 33139
        Phone: (305) 672-0778

        APPETIZER (choice of one


        Florida Wahoo Ceviche
        Ginger Root-Soy-Lime Marinade, Crispy Taro Root, Wasabi Tobiko

        Guava Barbequed Roast Pork Tostones
        Florida Mango Salsita, Mojito Syrup

        ENTRÉE (choice of one)

        Pan Seared Mahi Mahi
        Truffle-Fermented Black Bean Fried Rice, Bok Choy, Chile-Corn Emulsion

        Marinated Grilled Black Angus Filet Mignon Medallions
        Garlic Whipped Potatoes, Haricot Verts “Almondine”, Raisin-White Balsamic Reduction

        Roasted Ashley Farms Organic Chicken
        Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Peppered Collard Greens, Apple Cider Gastrique

        DESSERT (choice of one)

        Espresso Cheese Cake
        Candied Orange, Dark Chocolate Ganache

        Key Lime Pie
        Summer Berries, Sweet Cream, Basil Syrup

        OLA is also doing Spice and the atmosphere would be equally conducive to a nice visit but the entrees are a bit less "meat and potato" for your guests.
        OLA at Sanctuary Hotel
        The Sanctuary Hotel
        1745 James Ave.
        Miami Beach, FL 33139
        Phone: (305) 695-9125


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        1. re: advisor_Girl

          Sadly, it will be around the 12th of October.

          The dutch place sounds interesting, thanks. I'll also check out the Argentinian place.

          Thanks for the ideas!

        2. Creek 28 is close and may work for you.

          Here are some recent posts regarding Indomania. That said, I'm sure they are looking for something different...

          1. They love TGIF. :\

            However, they also loved Shula's last year during Miami Spice. WE were really pissed off though as they totally screwed up miami spice, IMO. The steak was fabulous though.

            Thanks for all your ideas!

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            1. re: OysterHo


              If they like Friday's and Shula's... perhaps there is a happier medium?

              There is an elevated table in the very back of Clarke's that will also suit your group. The place is a "gastro-pub" with good service, classics from Shepherd's Pie to juicy burgers to more upscale entrees. Fridays at happy hour can be a little loud up front, but the big table in the back is lots of fun. Considering how trendy most places on South Beach can be, this place strives for a retro-neighborhood "Cheers" pub look. There is a mahogany bar, lots of wine and imported draft beer (Harp, Guinness, Yuengling, Bass), brick walls... very Northeastern & Boston rather than Miami Vice.

              Break the ice with a few appetizers, onion dip and housemade chips, popcorn shrimp and the giant soft pretzels. Definitely steer then to the great burgers, the shepherd's pie or the fish and chips. I am a big fan of their parmesan truffle fries. After dinner, take them over to Monty's by the marina or walk a bit on Ocean Drive.

              I also love Liberty Grill but it's still kind of hot on the patio and the inside space leaves you reeking of grill grease. The food is great and prices are right - particularly for carnivores and futbol fans. Clarke's is strictly indoors and parking is MUCH easier south of 5th Street...

              BTW - Clarke's has started serving an a la carte Sunday brunch with $5 bloodys and mimosas. Still quiet and mostly locals.


              Clarke's 840 1st Street 305-538-9885
              Check out the menu, reviews, prices here:
              (If you go - call and ask Laura for the big back table)

              1. re: advisor_Girl

                I second Clarke's. Did takeout from there last night after the Dolphins game and it was delcious, as it has been every time I have gone. Another keeper there is the Mac n' Cheese appetizer and the bread pudding/fried banana split for dessert. Also, their wine list is really wonderful, as Laura's background was initially in wine distribution. Great beer selection too. Right now it is probably my go to place for more casual eats in the area. Parking is usually readily available as well.

                1. re: mikek

                  Thank you for the great idea. Their menu looks really good.

                  Is Clarke's able to handle a group of 23? :O

                  It appears as though the whole clan is coming (in laws, kids, friends, etc...)

                  1. re: OysterHo


                    Best bet is to call in advance one afternoon and talk to the manager. Explain the dynamics of the party and set it up in advance. The place is really friendly (no South Beach attitude), so I'm sure they can sort it all out for you. You can even ask about a set menu or having a dozen mixed appetizers prepped to present at the time everyone orders their drinks so that the party "kicks off" while everyone picks an entree.

                    23 people is a challenge for any small place, but I think they have the staff to handle it.

                    Please let us know how it all works out!


                    1. re: OysterHo

                      As AG said, call in advance. If it is an offnight, I think they may be able to accomodate your party. It is not the biggest place, but think they could put the tables on the booth side together for you all? It really is a great little restaurant with no attitude or pretentiousness whatsoever. Laura is absolutely hysterical and really takes a huge amount of pride in the restaurant and her product.

                      1. re: mikek

                        Thanks you guys! I called Laura and they are going to give us the big table and two 8-tops. I'm just waiting for our friends to confirm that the menu is ok. They'd better say yes because I cannot fathom driving down to sobe for tgif or ruby tuesday - shoot me now!

                        Plus, Laura has a server that's Dutch! That should please our party.

                        Thanks again you guys! :)