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Sep 15, 2007 06:53 AM

MSP-Quang's or Jasmine (Eat Street)

Who do you all think has the best vietnamese on eat street. I've been to Quang's and had there sea bass soup which was incredible but have heard many good things about Jasmine . I live in the western suburbs a long ways away from eat street and with gas at $3 and my SUV getting 9 mpg I have to pick my resturants carefully.

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  1. Neither, you're not going to find any pho better than Pho 79. I've eaten at Quang and they have a longer menu, but I didn't feel they were real consistent (that was a while ago now). Good bets at Pho 79 are the beef grape leaves appetizer, the #37 Roasted pork bun Vermicelli salad or any of the Pho. I have eaten hundreds of meals there and never been disappointed (except whent they had fire upstairs and we had abandon our steaming bowls circa 1997).

    1. The question is Quang's or Jasmine and by that, I am guessing Jasmine Deli (as they have opened another place around the corner).
      For spring rolls - Jasmine Deli. They are light, delicate and fresh. Perfect.
      For Bass soup on the weekend - Quang's.

      I like Jasmine Deli for the delicate fresh flavors and light food. Once I discovered this place a few years ago, everyone else disappeared.

      However, I have been a fan of Quang's for many year's - before it's current large spot - and some dishes are not as fresh or light as I'd like but the soup specials on the weekend are out of this world.

      I love Quang's for many different reasons that I love Jasmine Deli - depends on the exact moment but Jasmine's always is my first choice for lunch.

      1. Jasmine Deli is a great choice for someone new to Vietnamese cuisine. The menu isn't scary at all and the staff is really friendly and personable. I enjoy their spring rolls and do think their banh mi is the best on Eat St. (they don't compare to Saigon on University though).

        Quang's pho is better in my opinion. I go there when I want to have a huge choice of soups.

        If I'm not sure what exactly I want, I go to Pho Tau Bay. It's definitely the most dive-y of all those places but have lots of dishes that will please lots of people. The spring rolls, pho, rice noodle salads and stir fried dishes are all really good.

        Wow, 9mpg. I get frustrated/feel guilty that I only get 23mpg.

        1. Did you already go?

          My vote is for Quang - big big menu, you'll surely find something you like. It's not classy, but it's fun. I know the owner of Jasmine Deli, so have tried her place 2x. Both times she told me what to order, even though "I don't like curry" means I probably won't like the curry mock duck sandwich (what do you know, I didn't), she pretty much ordered it for me. I also ordered Pho w. mixed meat balls. She brought me chicken and said "is this okay". Well, no, not it's not.. but thanks for asking. *sigh*.

          Quang is consistently good. Big plate of all types of herbs w.your soup, most herb-y bun & spring rolls in town (more than just noodles!!). Best vegetable soup I have ever had, ever.. plus squishy custard sweet bread at the counter. Oh yeah, best $2 sandwiches in town. Don't order any fancy new one. Standard fare in the white wrappers are simple, and the best.

          Never been to Pho 79.

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            I have to weigh in for Quang, if only for the way they handle pork. The grilled pork chop is wonderful (yum!), and I wish I knew how to do it at home. In fact. most grilled things at Quang are good. Prices are nice and the herbs are fresh, soups are great. reannd's rec about the sandwiches is spot on.

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              Just today for lunch I had a problem with service at Jasmine. Nobody smiled, my takeout order of three sandwiches and spring rolls took 15 minutes to fill, and when I got home the sandwiches were even lighter than normal on the filling (mock duck) and the bread was too chewy like they were day-old. I hope that this place, which has always been a favorite of mine, is not on the decline. The vibe was decidedly gloomy and the mumbled "sorry for the wait" did not make up for my lost 15 minutes of time.

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              1. A little love for Pho Tau pho on Eat Street.