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Sep 15, 2007 04:32 AM

Avocado help please!

When I buy avocados, am I suppose to use them the same day? I bougt a Haas Avacado on Wed. and when I went to slice it up to put in a salad on Friday, it was all brown and gross. The avocado itself was not that soft, but I have no luck with them.

Should I refrigerate them?

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  1. Angelina, buy avocados under ripe and don't refrig them
    When the NJ weather is humid they will brown over ripen fast
    The brown bag rippening tip or burying a Haas in flour for an hour will ripen avacados fast.

    I tend to purchase Haas nearly rock hard rather than take a chance on over ripening.
    Lime juice can prevent some browning but they are tricky to store for more than a day once cut open.

    1. Generally avocados are sold underripe, so you have to wait a day or 3 until they're slightly soft. I leave them on the counter, and then if I'm not going to use on the day they're ripe, I refrigerate to hold them for a day or two.
      I find that if I buy supermarked avocados, I have the same problem you do, that when I cut them open they're rotten. I buy at my food coop where turnover is fast and maybe there's something in the handling, but they're always fine.

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        I refrigerate them as well when they are ripe and I'm not using them that day.

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          Gee, our fresh markets store avocados in large qtys. Pick thru them and you'll find rock hard to nearly mushy all mixed together in the same produce area. It would be helpful if they separated the very ripe from the "new arrivals."

          Like a tomato or banana, our preference is to let a fruit ripen at room temp and only move it to frig if there are leftovers.

        2. This is by no means a scientific explanation but this is what always workd for us (we get avacados a lot). The besy sign has been skin color as opposed to feel. If the skin is already uniformly brown it past it's prime. If it is bright green then it is still very under ripe. If it is dull green but not brown this is a ready to eat one. Also, if you use your index finger and give a little push on the bottom if there is no give then under ripe but if it has just a little give without feeling soft it's a ready to eat one.

          Great simple recipe for avacados - 1 avacado, peel, cut into quarters the long way and then cut those into 1/2 thick chunks. 1 tablespoon good olive oil, 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, kosher salt, pepper. Put avacado in a bowl, salt and pepper (enough to see it), pour lemon juice, drizzle olive oil. Eat with a fork or you can spread it on a chip (but it's not a dip).

          1. funny...i usually know mine are ready when i can easily pop out the little nubbin at the one end. :)

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              lollya, unless the nubbin is missing :) that's a great tip!

            2. Thanks everyone!! I will try it again!