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Sep 15, 2007 02:55 AM

New Bakery in Leslieville

I just passed by the new Brick St. Bakery (like the one @ Distillery District) and they open in a few hours (Sat. Sept.15).

They are generally fairly pricey but some of their stuff is outstanding.

Whenever I'm going out of town to visit my Mom, I pick her up some of their Eccle Cake - exceptional !

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  1. I will have to check it out, I live between Leslieville and the Distillery District. I love that bakery.....their breads are quite yummy- in a city that is so hard to find good bread (there are spots here and there but dont' think in a city this size you should have to hunt for it-go figure). And yes, I never leave without a few of their Eccles Cakes...outstanding!!!!!

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      It's up and running! Lots of people and the free demi-baguettes are going so fast they often have to ask you to come back later to get one.

      This is primarily going to be a wholesale-supplier for many of the restaurants etc. that use their products. Retail is going to be confined to bread, a few of the sweet things (Brioches, scones, Eccles Cakes) but - alas! - no sandwiches.

      They open at 8 every day except Monday and I was told that all the scones had vanished within a few minutes of opening this morning!

      Best of luck to them.

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        Has anyone tried the baguette? I'd love to hear comments.

        1. re: vorpal

          Went today (Sunday) at 3pm and you could only see empty baskets in the entire store. They were completely sold out 2 days in a row. I was really craving a baguette today too. Guess you've gotta get there right at 8am. Crazy!

          1. re: thegory

            I was there about 11 am today. They were full of stock and in the midst of baking. I had an eccles cake (YUM!) and bought some raisin bread. There were quite a few samples. Definitely worth getting there early.

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            I picked up a demi baguette on Saturday, still warm from the oven, plus they had a small slide of whole wheat. I have to say that I'm not a fan. Though the texture was fine I didn't get a lot of flavour. Given the other options within a ten minute walk (ace, epi, st john's), I don't think I'll go there for baguettes. Perhaps it is better as a sandwich bread than a standalone. I might try a sweet offering another day.

      2. I was there at 8 am saturday morning, i don't think they where even actually open yet, but since i had the right change and had my own cloth bag they where more than happy to serve me. Got a wonderful stout and oatmeal round, and a fruit loaf. Both where still hot from the oven, and wow did it make my car smell wonderful, since i wasnt going home for a few hours yet. Both loaves where delicious. Welcome to the hood brick street, what a treat.

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        1. re: lidiab

          Where is this place located exactly - I'm in the area, but haven't noticed it yet.

          1. re: cheesegal

            It's on Logan just north of Queen... in the little building behind Starbucks.

        2. I went by on opening day, around 745am, before they were officially opening. the lady at the counter said they were waiting for small change from the bank and bags. ppl who were willing to walk away w the bread in hand were able to do so though (but i had just gotten off the ttc, so i didn't want to carry any bread by hand). there were about 4 ppl in line when i showed up, and after we all left another 2 ladies went in. i haven't had a chance to go back there yet, but can anyone tell me the prices of the offerings there and what they can recc? i didn't see a menu or list of prices when i went in so i don't want to look like an idiot asking about every since item they have in there. thanks!!

          1. Just realized this new bakery is less than a 5 minute walk from me. Any recommendations on what I should try? Give me the goods!!! :)

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            1. re: YummyYummy

              Try the eccles cakes, fruit and/or raisin bread, scones. Or, whatever they have fresh from the oven. They usually have lots of samples.

            2. We have tried about 10 samples of various things. The breads are very good, with one odd caveat. The taste of the grain and the sourdough is very strong. As a result, many of the breads with widely different descriptions and appearances actually taste similar. I can hardly complain about these characteristics of a very high quality bread. But the selection isn't as varied and exciting as it seemed at first glance. Nevertheless do go there!

              We bought the sundried tomato bread, which was the most interesting of the samples on offer.

              The baguettes were not really special.

              The service was extremely friendly and competent.

              The scones were among the best tasting ones I've had in Toronto, but left a film of fat on the roof of my mouth.

              The chocolate brioche had a very small amount of good chocolate. Neither the chocolate nor the dough was very sweet, which we appreciated. But the rolls, though obviously eggy, didn't really come off as brioche.

              They didn't have any of the Eccles cake.